Announcements — June 2009 Archives

June 8, 2009

Stoesz Elected to the National Academy of Social Insurance

Professor David Stoesz, Ph.D., is among forty-two individuals who where recently welcomed into the National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI). The invited membership consists of experts in social assistance and private employee benefits, and those who are dedicated to advancing research, administration, or policymaking in these areas. NASI members volunteer their time to work on a variety of projects, study panels, committees, conferences, as well as address the media.

According to the NASI website, “the National Academy of Social Insurance is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization made up of the nation’s leading experts on social insurance. Its mission is to promote understanding and informed policymaking on social insurance and related programs through research, public education, training, and the open exchange of ideas.”

Congratulations, Dr. Stoesz!

June 3, 2009

Dissertation Proposals Defended

Congratulations to Jody and Leanne, who both recently defended their dissertation proposals and move on to IRB, data collection and/or analysis. This is a great big step. We graduated six folks last year and hope to at least repeat that number next year. Here’s the full scoop on titles and committee members for these outstanding Ph.D. candidates.

Jody L. Hearn, Family Preservation in Families’ Ecological Systems: Factors that Predict Out of Home Placement and Maltreatment for Service Recipients in Richmond City. Committee Members: Dr. Melissa L. Abell as Chair; Drs. Mary Katherine O’Connor, Holly Matto, Larry Williams (Business) and Anne Kisor (DSS).

Leanne Heaton, Neglect: Role of Family History and Subtype in DSM-IV Disorders and Later Social Functioning. Committee Members: Dr. Mary Katherine O’Connor as Chair; Drs. Pat Dattalo, Holly Matto, Michael Southam-Gerow (Psychology) and Kathleen Merikangas (NIH).