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July 9, 2009

Netting & O’Connor article chosen as the JSWE Best Conceptual Article of 2008

Drs. F. Ellen Netting and Mary Katherine O’Connor’s recent article, “Teaching Policy Analysis as Research: Consideration and Extension of Options,” which appeared in the Fall 2008 issue of the Journal of Social Work Education (JSWE), has been chosen as the JSWE Best Conceptual Article of 2008.

The criteria for choosing the best article include the importance and timeliness of the content; originality of thought; innovative conceptualization of the topic; and presentation of conclusions and/or recommendations that add significantly to the professional knowledge base and to social work education. JSWE Best Article Award winners will be honored at the Council on Social Work Education 2009 Annual Program Meeting in San Antonio, TX, in November.

Please join us in congratulating Drs. Netting and O’Connor on authoring an important article for our profession.