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October 18, 2010

Spring 2011 Field Applications due Oct. 27th

Field applications due for all BSW Juniors & MSW students beginning their placement in Spring 2011 are due on Wednesday, October 27th. The application must be submitted electronically and can be accessed at .

October 6, 2010

VCU SSW Alumna to appear on the “Oprah” show Wednesday, October 6th

Check your local listings to confirm show time

Laura Blum Romano, MSW 2003, LCSW, had written to “The Oprah Winfrey Show” on a number of occasions hoping to be chosen to appear but, alas, her submissions had never been chosen from among the thousands the show receives. Earlier this year, Laura visited and saw a request for submissions from viewers to talk about the first show they remembered viewing and the impact it had on their lives. This request was particularly meaningful to long time viewers since the show will be going off the air this year.

Laura responded that she vividly remembered watching a show about author Truddi Chase who had written a book about multiple personalities. Laura was 14 at the time and the show confirmed for her that she wanted to become a social worker. She received a call from the “Oprah” show the very next day. Unable to travel to Chicago since she is in the final trimester of pregnancy, the “Oprah” staff accommodated Laura by filming her at home.

Laura began her social work training at New York University and completed her MSW degree at the Northern Virginia campus of the VCU School of Social Work. She has done clinical work with children dealing with trauma and in her current job does clinical home studies for both domestic and international adoptions. Laura and her twin sister were themselves adopted from Bogota, Columbia, and her search for her birth parents and her reunion with them and her siblings was captured in a documentary film, Las Hijas, (The Daughters, by Maria Quiroga) which won the New York Film festival Award in 2006. She has utilized this documentary about her story in her work with families and the issues of international adoption.

“Las Hijas” is about three young women who were adopted from Colombia as infants. Laura, Tanya and Kris were among the first generation of adoptees from that country and they were raised by families in the New York City / New Jersey area. First as children and then as adults, they seek to establish their sense of identity.

Many programs and films on adoption glorify the subject and only speak about its positive points, but it is important to tell the whole story, both the positive and the negative. “Las Hijas” was filmed over a four-year period in New York and Colombia and touches upon all three angles of the adoption triangle: The adoptee, the adoptive family and the biological family. It also brings to light the struggles that are inherent with international adoptions.