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School of Medicine discoveries

July 6, 2009

The Day you discover the back-stories and innovations that tell the tale of Richmond’s medical history

The Richmond Academy of Medicine has unveiled its Oral History Web site. Though it is still in the early stages of development, you can now get a preview of the project.

Medical school graduate from the Class of 1961 Wyatt S. Beazley III, M.D., chaired the Oral History Committee that continues to work on this extensive project. Each month, the Web site will grow as the RAM adds photos, audio clips and information. But already the site features – in the words of Beazley – the “humorous, sometimes sad, many times poignant memories of some of Richmond’s finest doctors.”

So, listen in and hear Waverly Cole, M’54, H’60, describe an early method for giving anesthesia to babies. Or what Marcella Fierro, H’73, was told about her aspirations to become a surgeon. Or how Dr. Paul Monroe improvised soft gel stents out of plastic tubing from Pleasant’s Hardware.

The Oral History project was supported in part by the School of Medicine and the MCV Foundation.

Please preview the Richmond Academy of Medicine’s Oral History Web site

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