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July 18, 2012

NPR calls on Laura Siminoff

Laura A. Siminoff, Ph.D., spoke with National Public Radio’s All Things Considered for the program’s four-part series on human tissue donation.

The professor and chair of the Department of Social and Behavioral Health studies how people make health care decisions, including the decision of whether or not to donate organs and tissues.

For the radio series, Siminoff provided perspective on the interaction between tissue banks and donors’ families, and also on the options that people have to specify which organs or tissues can be used for donation, or even for what purposes they can be used. All but 11 states allow donors to have more input than a simple yes/no on the donation question.

Read the transcripts or listen to the radio stories, Calculating the Value of Human Tissue Donation and Am I a Tissue Donor, Too?

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