CSL Daily

February 4, 2013

CSL Instructor Tim Lampe on the Super Bowl Power Outage

REUTERS/Gary Hershorn

The first thing I thought (as I do every time I see or hear about one of these facility failures) was, “thank goodness it didn’t happen at our venue!”

To be able to accurately predict which major challenge will happen is impossible; however, to plan for them is critical. It is obvious that the Super Dome staff had a plan because the power was restored in less than 40 minutes. The kind of power you’re talking about for a facility that size is insanely dangerous, so there is no doubt that they had the proper tools, parts, manpower, and knowledge readily available to address the issue. Kudos to the Super Dome staff!

We had a power glitch a number of years ago during a full capacity graduation ceremony where we were able to resume the ceremony within 15 minutes. It happened twice in the same day! We could have never predicted that a bird would fly into a transformer down the street that day, causing almost the entire campus to go dark including the Siegel Center. Our scenario was much easier to manage than the one in New Orleans but proper planning came in handy for us that day as well.

Tim Lampe is the Director of Facilities and Siegel Center Operations. HeĀ is also an adjunct instructor for the Center for Sport Leadership.