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April 30, 2014

CSL in Europe- Bike Tour of Salzburg, Austria

CSL students are currently overseas as part of our European Models of Sport Class. We’ll be posting a daily recap of their experiences.

by Kerry Gannon

Upon arrival in Salzburg on Monday evening, the group was awe-struck by

the beautiful architecture, pastel colored buildings, and the stunning location of

the city at the base of the Alps. Unlike yesterday, we couldn’t view the scenic Alps

behind the city today due to the fog and rain, but we did gain a greater feel for the

city on our adventurous bike tour this morning!

Admittedly, the group initially wasn’t terribly enthusiastic about the idea of

a bike tour because of the rain this morning, but we all committed to making the

best of the situation and geared up with our 1 Euro ponchos and hit the road! The

first stop on the tour was to the Mirabellgarten where the famous “Do-Re-Mi” song

and dance was shot in The Sound of Music. The Mirabell Palace is now home to

Salzburg’s City Hall and the garden is open to the public. We then weaved our way

through the city, stopping periodically to admire the Cathedral, Haus uf Mozart, the

Palace, and other Salzburg landmarks.  image (5)

After an hour or so of exploring the

inner city, we began to ride to the

outskirts of Salzburg along the canal

that brings fresh water from the King’s

River to the city. The canal led us to

the Utensburg Mountain that

separates Austria from Germany.

Our tour guide pointed out the in the musical,

The Sound of Music, the Von Trapp family escapes the Nazis by fleeing the city over this

scenic mountain in the closing scene. However, Germany resides on the other side of the

mountain. In actuality, the Von Trapps fled the city by train to Italy, a fun-fact that many, if

not all, of us were unaware of!

Our final destination on our biking adventure was Hangar 7,image (1)

home of Red Bull’s finest aircrafts. One of the most intriguing displays was the capsule that Felix

Baumgarten deployed from in his record-breaking jump from space!

Our group was photo (13)

also escorted up to the “Sky Bar” in Hangar 7: a

bar suspended from the ceiling with

a glass floor.

The rain began to cease during our visit to

Hangar 7 and after having

warmed up a bit the group was much more

energetic and enthusiastic about the ride

back to the city. In fact, some students were so enthusiastic that they began singing

90’s Hit music while peddling along!

All in all, the bike tour was an utterly amazing, enriching experience – so

much so that nothing could “rain on our parade!”

April 30, 2014

CSL in Europe – Bayern Munich

CSL students are currently overseas as part of our European Models of Sport Class. We’ll be posting a daily recap of their experiences.

by Gene Daniels & Kelsey Crawford

We started the day with another early departure from the hotel. As droopy eyes

and yawns filled the bus, the Allianz Arena appeared in the distance and the exhaustion

soon turned to excitement.  The Allianz Arena is home to two Munich clubs that compete

in the German soccer leagues; FC Bayern Munich or as the Germans say “Bayern

Munchen” of the first division and TSV 1860 Munich, of the second division. As we walked

towards the stadium our tour guide, Peter, met us at the gate. He was an eccentric

middle-aged German fellow, clearly a huge fan of Bayern Munich. The group entered the

stadium and the scene was truly immaculate. Bayern Munich

As the reigning club champion of Europe, Bayern Munich is one of the

most successful clubs in the world.  They have an extremely long waiting

list for their season tickets and sell out nearly every game they play at the stadium both in

European and domestic competition. We had the unique pleasure of seeing the stadium

fully prepared for Bayern’s UEFA Champion’s League Semifinal second leg game against

Real Madrid.  One of the most interesting features of the stadium is the outer layer.

The outer layer is fixed with an intricate lighting system that illuminates the whole stadium in

red, blue or white once the sun sets. The colors are used for tourists as well as to denote

who will be playing a home game at the stadium on that day.

We then traveled to the Olympic Park of Munich. In 1966, with no real plan in mind or Olympic Park - Munich

facilities to hold the games, the city of

Munich made an overly convincing

bid for the 1972 Summer Olympic

Games. The German government saw

the Olympics as an incredible

opportunity for the world to see how far Germany had come and how much it had grown

since the Nazi regime fell from power. The Olympic Park consisted of a sporting or event

hall that housed events such as basketball, volleyball and handball, a swimming facility

that housed the swimming and diving events and the crown jewel the Olympiastadion

Munchen or Munich Olympic Stadium. The Olympic Stadium was used for soccer, and

track & field events in the Olympics and was also the former home of Bayern Munich and

Munich 1860 until they moved across town to the Allianz Arena.

After having a quick lunch at the Olympic Park in Munich we traveled to the Audi

Dome, home of FC Bayern Munchen Basketball. After arriving at the Audi Dome we  DSC_0085

had a sponsorship and marketing presentation from Adrian Sarmiento, Deputy Head of

Sponsorship and Sales for Bayern Munich Basketball.  Adrian told us how in the last

decade, Bayern Munich Basketball has evolved from being a “hobby” for its players to a

competitive first division professional basketball franchise as well as gaining financial

independence from Bayern Munich soccer club. Adrian also discussed with us who

Bayern Basketball’s main corporate sponsors are and how the club utilizes signage

and activation to give their sponsors an adequate return on investment.

We then took a quick tour of the actual facility with Nadine Huber, a sponsorship and

sales associate of the team. The Audi Dome was definitely older than we had initially

anticipated but from what we saw of the 6,500-seat arena, a crowd full of lively dedicated

fans could make the Audi Dome an extremely difficult place to play for away teams.

We finished up our day with a presentation on the school system and sports in Germany

from Peter Kruesmann, a former member of the German National Basketball Team

and player/coach of several German first division basketball clubs. Peter shared a

unique perspective with us as he gave an explanation of youth sport in Germany, how it

correlates with their very unique school system, and the two situations differ in Germany

and the United States. Peter’s energy and passion was infectious and it was a nice way for

us to end our time at the Audi Dome.

April 29, 2014

Hat Tip Tuesday

Each Tuesday, we offer a “tip of the hat” to current and former students who have been hired, promoted, or embarked on new opportunities.


Nick Georges (’14) has been hired by William & Mary, working with the university’s Tribe Club. The Tribe Club is a group of alumni and friends of William and Mary Athletics that was established in 1948 to create greater support for student athletes in their pursuit of academic and athletic excellence. Since athletics receives no aid from the state, the Tribe Club stands as the sole provider of scholarships to William and Mary student athletes.

Kelsey Crawford (’14) has been hired by the University of Oregon Athletic Department. Kelsey, a native of Oregon,  will work as Ticket Manager with her primary focus being football.


Kevin Wagner (’10) has been named Senior Account Executive with Virginia Sports Properties. Previously, Wagner was Senior Account Executive for the Charlotte Checkers Professional Hockey Team.

ryan horn 2

Ryan Horn is the new Director of Athletic Performance for Wake Forest Men’s Basketball. Horn joined the Demon Deacons after working under head coach Danny Manning at the University of Tulsa where he helped the Golden Hurricane win the 2013-14 Conference USA regular season and tournament championships–the program’s first league title since 2003. Horn spent three seasons at Tulsa and most recently directed the athletic performance programs for men’s basketball and softball while assisting with football. 

matt ensor

Matt Ensor (’12) has been promoted to Men’s Basketball SID at University of New Mexico and Secondary SID for the Lobos football team.

owen seaton

Owen Seaton (’04) has accepted a producer position with Van Wagner Big Screen Network.  He’ll be working out of Churchill Downs in Louisville but will be involved in other BSN projects such as the NCAA Championships, and NFL. Previously, Owen spent nine years in the University of Tennessee Chattanooga Athletics Department. Most recently, he was Director of Creative Services for the department. Seaton has also been the managing editor of the Athletics Department’s official website, and serves as Executive Producer of the department’s coaches television shows.


David Ogelsby (’12) has been hired as the Associate Director of Sports at the Swift Creek YMCA in Chesterfield, Virginia.









April 29, 2014

CSL in Europe-Postcard from Augsburg, Germany

Many of our students are currently overseas as part of our European Models of Sport Class. We’ll be posting a daily recap of their experiences.


by Joey Burns & Kimber Chamblee

Soccer is the world’s sport and one of the most elite league’s is in Germany. The  Center for Sport Leadership had the pleasure of attending a Bundesliga fütbol match between Hamburger SV and Augsburg at SGL arena. As we pulled up to the arena the anticipation was building.  However, we had no idea what was in store.

We arrived at the gates with ten minutes until game time. The corridors   IMG_0340
outside of the arena were completely empty. There was no line to enter the stadium
and there was no one at the concessions. However, it was not due to a lack of
attendance; everyone at the match was already in his or her seat. In America, I have
observed that it is very common for fans to arrive late, leave early, and frequently
get up from their seats during sporting events. It was evident that the Germans were
there for the match and the match alone. There was no need for a vast array of
product extensions or marketing gimmicks.

As our group emerged through the tunnel heading for our seats, I felt like a
child again. The environment was electric. Die-hard supporters from each club were
quarantined behind large metal fences as the police officers watched their every
move. I have never seen such passion at a sporting event. The deafening chants
continued for the entirety of the match with giant flags constantly waving above the
crowd. The supporters have a connection to the team that simply doesn’t exist in the
United States.

During the first half, we saw four goals as Augsburg entered halftime with a IMG_0343
3-1 lead. Our seats were directly behind the Hamburger SV goal in the fifth row.
Three of the first half goals played out twenty meters in front of our group. With
each Augsburg goal, the arena erupted with clapping and cheers. Naturally, we
assimilated to our environment and joined in on the fun.

After the match, Hamburger SV’s players were visibly dejected. As they
approached their fans with their heads down and hands to their side, they were
greeted with an array of middle fingers and whistles, signaling the fans’ disapproval.
The fans weren’t upset about the result, however. They were angry that the players
didn’t have the respect to acknowledge or thank them for their relentless support.
The entire section was literally up in arms. In the United States this is common; in
Europe the fans have greater expectations of their players. It was very clear that
they felt disrespected by their players and the fans weren’t afraid to show it.
Overall, the match was the greatest sporting event that I have ever attended.
Everything from the location of our seats to the energy in the stadium exceeded my
expectations. I cannot wait to get back to a high-level European fütbol match.

While the primary emphasis on this trip is touring world-class sports venues, attending sporting events and meeting with European sports professionals and executives, there are also opportunities for us to experience cultural and historical landmarks. A powerful 20140427_050928moment occurred today when we toured the Holocaust Museum in Dachau.  This museum still holds an eerie sense of what took place from 1933 to 1945. Many of the original buildings still remain in good condition just like the barbed wire that lines the camp. The gas chamber is believed to still be fully functional as well. The museum clearly displays what unimaginable things took place there while being an encouraging reminder to never allow this to happen again. To quote our tour guide, “What we’ve learned from history is that we’ve learned nothing from history”. It is not enough to just remember what transpired at Dachau, but to also fight against any efforts of unjustifiable killings.

April 28, 2014

CSL in Europe-Postcard from Munich

Many of our students are currently overseas as part of our European Models of Sport Class. We’ll be posting daily recaps of their experiences.

photo 1 (11)

CSL is in Germany! After a five hour plane ride, we arrived in Munich at 10am local time. After a quick bite, we attended the BMW Open ATP Tennis Tournament at MTTC Iphitos. The warm and sunny day was a perfect welcome to the city. photo 3 (5)

The BMW Open is an upscale sporting event with target markets catering to the BMW driving, Rolex wearing, relaxing with a Corona population.  With this demographic it appeared that little security was needed as they were only visible at the entrance gate. The venue was an open air facility with several tennis courts throughout the area.  Sponsors and vendors had their own VIP sections and the walk ways were lined with several of BMW’s newest models. In this vendor area, the concrete floor was covered with raised

photo 2 (10)wooden slated panels which allowed rain water to properly drain instead of pooling in the walkways. A  unique aspect of this event was that game officials had complete authority in responding to spectator behavior.  For example, spectators were openly requested to refrain from moving during an ongoing match.

The day concluded with an exploration of German culture through food and beverages. Many CSLers navigated the city on foot much to emulate native Germans and their active lifestyle.  From Spring Fest to Beer Gardens- everyone enjoyed their first day in Munich.

photo 2 (11)


April 16, 2014

CSL Students Score with Kickin 4 Kidz

The Center for Sport Leadership hosted Kickin 4 Kidz, an annual soccer clinic for members of the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Richmond. CSL students planned, organizied and managed the event as part of SEED (Sports Entertainment Event Development).

Originally planned to be held at Sportsbackers Stadium, the event was moved indoors to SCOR due to inclement weather. That didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the 50 kids who participated in a variety of soccer drills and activities. Watch the highlights below.