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Guest Speaker: Charlie Howe, USGA

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Charlie Howe, Championship Manager of the 2016 U.S. Open at Oakmont Country Club outside of Pittsburgh, spoke in our SEED (Sports Entertinament Event Developement) class today, giving our graduate students an overview of the operations and logistics that goes into a one of the biggest and most prestigious golf tournaments in the world.

A 2007 graduate of the Center for Sport Leadership, Howe has been on site at Oakmont for almost a year even though the event is 21 months away. Beyond his professional insight and expertise into operations managment, Howe shared his career path with the students. Howe, a former VA Tech soccer player, said he, “focused on (working) in soccer but ended up in golf.”  The lesson: “Keep following your dreams but keep your mind open to every opportunity.” photo 2 (18)

Howe added these words of advice:

“Take advantage of time here (at the CSL).  What are you doing in down time? Are you sleeping in or looking for opportunity to grow.”

“Always ask: What’s next? It’s great to set goals, achieve those goals,  celebrate the accomplish but you have to ask: “What’s next?” because in sports, it’s very competitive. Many (sports professionals) rest on laurels. Don’t be like that.”

“Someone told me, ‘Your good name is the result of many actions but can be destroyed by one.’ It’s all about how you conduct yourself. Live with integrity and be respectful.”

“I believe in this program (the CSL) and I love the way it has grown.”

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Check back with CSL Daily for a full alumni profile on Charlie Howe.



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