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#CSLinBaltimore – Baltimore Orioles


Each year, the Center for Sport Leadership at VCU takes its graduate students on a road trip to experience and learn from the sports scene in another city. This year, we picked Baltimore, Maryland.  We had never taken the group to “Charm City” but there was two other main reasons why Baltimore was our choice: we have a strong alumni presence in the area and Baltimore has both an NFL & MLB franchise in addition to numerous college campus in the area. This blog will detail each part of visit.

From the moment we entered the offices of the Baltimore Orioles, we knew were in for something special as a sign welcoming our group greeted us.  When we entered the IMG_7001Designated Hitter Lounge on the 4th Floor of this converted warehouse, an Orioles cap rested on every seat, a table with drinks and snacks was available to our party and an insightful powerpoint presentation was loaded and ready to go.

Orioles VP of Marketing and Communcations Greg Bader talked about the team’s five pillars of Brand Identity: Fun, Family, Tradition, Partnership & Community. Clearly, the Orioles deliver on their mission whether it’s during one of their 81 regular season home games or hosting graduate students who want to work in sports.

In fact, the Orioles understand the need to develop the next generation of sports professionals, according to Kristen Schultz, Director of Community Relations & Promotions. She talked about the innovative Career Opportunities program they developed to offer a foot-in-the-door and game day experience to ambitious young people.

Our graduate students then took a tour of one of the most celebrated ballparks in Major League Baseball. In fact, the Orioles trademarked the phrase “The Ballpark that Forever Changed Baseball” to highlight the impact Oriole Park at Camden Yards has had in both stadium design and fan experience since it was built almost 25 years ago. A classic design with every modern amenity, Oriole Park is a living monument to the team’s heritage and the game’s romantic past.

We appreciate Orioles Chief Operating Officer John Angelos for allowing us to visit. Thank you to the Orioles staff for their insight and hospitality.

  • Greg Bader, VP of Marketing and Communications
  • Kristen Schultz, Director of Community Relations and Promotions
  • Neil Aloise, VP of Ticketing and Fan Services
  • Jim Cuddihy, Mid Atlantic Sports Network Executive VP of Affiliate Relations, Marketing & Programming



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