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CSL Prepares for 1st “Day of Play”

by Jordan Burke, CSL graduate student

As part of the Sport Entertainment and Event Development class, Center for Sport Leadership graduate students create events that highlight social issues through sport.  The first event, Day of Play, will be held on March 25, 2017 at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School.

In collaboration with the Richmond Police Department, students have developed this event with a mission to build positive relationships between police and the inner city youth of Richmond. In a time when police brutality is a pertinent issue across America, the students wanted to create an opportunity for youth to learn more about what police do and how they serve the surrounding communities. The idea for Day of Play was born from a student’s social action plan assignment from the CSL Sociology of Sport class.

The event will feature stations that allow kids and police to positively interact with one another. Each station will involve a sport and an educational component.  Lacrosse, soccer, whiffle ball, basketball, and kickball will all be offered.

Students have been working with Sergeant Carol Adams along with other officers from the Richmond Police Department to plan the event. “As the Sergeant of the Community Care Unit, my job allows me to create opportunities to bridge any existing gaps of communication or interactions between the police and communities. So, I take pride in creating activities and events to show the public that ‘we the police’ are just human beings like everyone else,” said Sergeant Adams.

Bojangles will be on-site to provide meals for participants, police and volunteers. Richmond Police Officer Farrhard El-Amin, will be spinning tunes as the event DJ. There will also be other vendors and activities available such as the SWAT unit and a forensic unit.




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