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VCU Paralympic Experience Day Makes Powerful Impact

More than 150 participants flooded into the E.J. Wade Arena in the Stuart C. Siegel Center for the 2017 edition of the VCU Paralympic Experience Day in an effort to promote and enhance Sportable’s brand image, and engage the Richmond community in an amazing opportunity that provided the athletes and spectators with a memorable experience through adaptive sports. Over 50 volunteers showed up to help with the event, including CSL students and professors, Sportable employees, Capital One employees, and several members of the VCU men’s and women’s basketball team, engaging with the participants throughout the event.

“We had an amazing turn out,” said Amber Easter, a member of the group of CSL students who planned and hosted the event. “It was great to see both Sportable athletes and the community enjoying the night, in addition to seeing participants trying out new sports.” Hunter Leemon, Sportable’s Executive Director, also shared his thanks and admiration for the event at the end of the night. “Thank you guys for coming out and helping make this night a success. This event just keeps getting better and better each year it’s put on.”

The event operated carnival style, meaning that participants and volunteers had the opportunity to freely move around and participate in the offered sport of their choice. Although there were participants at all eight stations, some of the more popular sports of the night were wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis, and goalball.

The excitement only intensified once the wheelchair basketball scrimmage between the Defending Champions Sportable Spokes and some VCU men’s and women’s basketball players took place. Both teams played tough, fast, and furious but in the end, the VCU basketball players were able to squeak out a 4-point victory over the Spokes, 24-20.

Of course, our event wouldn’t have been made possible without the help of our Sponsors: Mobility Supercenter, VCU Health, Hallsley, Becker & Calliot Marketing, Chick Fil A Willow Lawn, Little Mexico, Capital One, and Hibernate.



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