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ENVEST (Day #1) – Welcome to Astana

After a long day of travel, Wednesday was our first day on the ground in Astana, and this place is decked out for EXPO 2017. Our agenda was on the lighter side today, as tomorrow is the first day of the Summit, but we still managed to sneak in some important activities.

First, we had lunch at the US Embassy in Astana and met with US Ambassador, George A. Krol (center with tie). In true ENVEST fashion, it was not the typical meet and greet, as it occurred in is traditional Kazakstani yurt

Did you know? Kazakstan is roughly the size of the continent of Europe, yet has a population only 18 million people (the same size as the state of New York).

After our meeting at the embassy, we had to put in a serious day of preparation. The next five days will be jam packed with programming and soccer, so we had plenty to do. We spent time brainstorming change projects (pictured to right), we picked up supplies and groceries, and we scoped out our location (thank you QSI-Astana).

Did you know? Kazakhstan is home to the only active space launch site in the world, Baikonur. Located in southern kazakstan, Baikonur, has been the Russian site for space travel since 1957 and remains active today.

We saved the best for last, as we spent our evening with our first foreign delegation to arrive, Kyrgysztan. We enjoyed a long walk, entertaining dinner, and lively dance with our new friends from Bishkek.

Tommorrow starts at 9am (or 11pm EST) with a welcome from the Deputy US Ambassador. Tomorrow’s themes are openness to others and relationship building.



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