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ENVEST (Day #4) – World Expo 2017

Astana, Kazakhstan – No programming, no soccer. Today was a culture day in Astana, and we spent our time at the World Expo 2017. The World Expo is hosted every few years in different locations around the world. Each expo has a theme, and Astana’s theme is Future Energy: Promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency, and responsible consumption.

Sixty-four countries have pavilions at the expo and they range from educational programming to interactive experiences. Our youth delegation enjoyed the information about the US’s plan for energy conservation, and Dr. LeCrom killed it on the energy bike at the Austrian pavilion.

Shell Oil Company also gave us a chance to be hamsters (see Coach Will below). Shell has made a HUGE investment in Kazakhstan and has helped the region become a world supplier of energy. By the way, I am apparently built like a hamster. Giddy up.

It was Connor Peed’s 19th birthday as well on Saturday. He was surprised when he received a makeshift birthday cake, which was rather disgusting actually. Connor has been great on and off the field this week; however, he has some serious work to do on hitting the candle when blowing out his birthday candles. Swing and a miss!


Below are a few more candids from our great day! Tomorrow we are back at QSI tackling Resilience and each other (soccer joke). By the way, who had to look up Navy as one of the three schools that are also a color? The answer was Auburn (easy), Brown (easier), and Navy (ridiculously hard).



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