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ENVEST (Day #5)- Resilience and Grit

Astana, Kazakhstan- We definitely had “Baby Bear” weather today in Astana for the third day of the leadership summit. It was too hot on day one, too cold on day two, but today, with a high of 74 degrees, the temperature was just right!

To begin the day, we asked the youth to reflect on their experience so far. Participants were asked to complete the following statements: I learned that…, I’m disappointed that…, I plan to… (among others). The US group shared that they were disappointed that their time in Kazakhstan is almost over.

Next, youth had time to work on their change projects. With topics like youth drug and alcohol abuse and gender equality, we are excited for presentations tomorrow and to see how the groups are planning to use the power of sport to address some of the pressing social issues in their community.

We wrapped up the morning on the pitch with Will Bates leading the group in outdoor soccer activities, including relay races and soccer tennis. Participants learned that speed, coordination, accuracy, control, communication and support were all essential to performing the activities. Meanwhile, Dr. Dwyer taught a group how to play American football in the gym.

After lunch Dr. Dwyer led the group in a discussion of core values. The youth got a chance to think about the traits that are important to them and how their actions reflect those values.

Dr. LeCrom then led a discussion on resilience and grit. To compliment the discussion, the ENVEST participants tried different activities like juggling, Rubik’s cube, Sudoku, and drawing self portraits. One participant was able to solve 3 Rubik’s cubes in 4 minutes! To conclude this discussion and the activities, the group debriefed by talking about having a growth mindset, working hard, being persistent, and trying new things.

The youth got to put resilience and grit into practice for the final activity of the day, led once again by Will Bates. The teams loved playing almost 2 hours of competitive soccer, but with a twist. Following each game, team captains were responsible for “cutting” two players, telling them why they were cut, and subsequently, offering suggestions for improvement. This activity taught participants that even when they face setbacks, it is important to keep trying.

After a long day of soccer and leadership talk, the US, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan delegations enjoyed a relaxing evening in, which included pizza and bit of American football. We’re hoping that the night of rest helps the group recharge for our final day of the summit tomorrow!



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