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Foot Golf Comes Full Circle

Three years ago, our sports marketing class worked with Independence Golf Club on a plan to develop new activities, beyond traditional golf, that could bring new customers to the facility. The class came up with Foot Golf, a relatively new sport other clubs were introducing Wednesday, CSL students played Foot Golf at IGC for the first time, bringing an idea first conceived by our students full circle. We are so grateful to Giff Breed for partnering with the CSL, empowering our students and implementing their idea. 

The outing was part of our goal to have one event per month for the cohort, faculty and staff to bond and have fun. After golf, the group enjoyed the incredible pizza that comes from the authentic brick oven at the club’s Tavern 19.  We also recapped the scoring. Here are the individual and team winners.

Top 3 Individuals

  1. Sean Dean – 30
  2. Renaildo Brenes/Charlie Hurd – 31
  3. Carrie LeCrom – 33

Top 3 Teams

  1. Dean, Garland, Hurd,
  2. Bergakker, Davis, Zehtner,
  3. Beyer, Brenes, Martin,



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