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September 24, 2018

CSL Alum Talks Branding in Development with NACDA Magazine

Anthony Henderson, a 2004 graduate of the CSL, shared his unique insight into branding your school’s development department in this month’s issue of Athletics Administration, the monthly publication for NACDA and it’s affiliates. Henderson is currently the Assistant AD for Development at the University of Akron and a member of the CSL’s Alumni Advisory Board.

You can click the image to read the story. Here’s the link for the entire issue.

September 24, 2018

LeCrom Speaks to Ram Leadership Academy

By: Hannah Matheson, CSL graduate student

Free pizza was not the only thing to bring VCU student-athletes together on a rainy Sunday night.  Center for Sport Leadership Executive Director Dr. Carrie LeCrom kicked off this year’s Ram Leadership Academy with an engaging conversation about sport leadership.

The Ram Leadership Academy, started last year, brings together VCU student-athletes recommended by their coaches as an up and coming leader.  This year long program will feature guest speakers and topics related to becoming a more effective leader on their team and within the University community.. The Academy is coordinated by Artis Gordon, Director of Student-Athlete Development and a CSL alumni.

Student-athletes got a “crash course” in sport leadership.  They were asked to identify strong leaders, qualities that make someone a strong leader and how they would like to be described as a leader.

“Sometimes it takes someone identifying us as leaders to see ourselves as one.”

The group, ranging from freshmen to seniors, shared their different opinions on leadership, which complemented one of Dr. LeCrom’s main points.  “It’s important to have several leaders because everyone is a different type of leader and probably can’t do it all.”

Dr. LeCrom went into detail about four qualities that executives across the country found to be crucial to effective leadership: trust, compassion, stability and hope.  Leaders with these qualities report having one in two employees actively engaged at work, whereas leaders who are not have 1 in 12 employees actively engaged.

“We don’t have enough people talking about ‘how do I become a better leader?'”  Dr. LeCrom left student-athletes with the task of identifying leadership qualities in others and figuring out what their own strengths are.

“You can appreciate qualities in other people that you will not be as good at, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be as good of a leader.  That’s the great thing about leadership…  I think that you will leave this year exponentially a better leader.”

September 21, 2018

CSL Visits Richmond Raceway

By: Hannah Matheson, CSL graduate student

Richmond Raceway is hosting a NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series playoff race for the first time on September 21st and 22nd. About 48 hours before the big race, CSL students were on a behind-the-scenes tour of the track.

Dan Schmitt, president of RMC Events, led the tour. RMC Events is an event staffing service headquartered here in Richmond.  They will have 1,800 staff members working the race this Saturday.  The company has grown dramatically over the last 19 years, starting with just eight employees in 1999.  In 2018, RMC Events has 2,000 staff members and will work 10,000 events.

In addition to giving the tour, Schmitt shared his own success story and offered some advice to CSL students.

“You are on a launching pad to success right now. Try everything you can do, learn what you like, learn what you don’t like.”

From the amphitheater to the “Front Porch,” a premium mezzanine seating level of the track, CSL students rode golf carts all over the raceway grounds.  Schmitt explained every aspect of the raceway and shared each step of the process for planning and running an event with tens of thousands of people.

Schmitt emphasized how important it is to say yes to opportunity, especially for our grad students. “Start at yes and work backwards.”

Schmitt worked as an unpaid intern at Richmond Coliseum doing everything from writing press releases and booking events to spreading mulch and painting ice.  Through this experience, Schmitt learned what he liked most about the industry: being around people.

Now as the president of his own company, Schmitt left CSL students with his own words of wisdom. “Be excellent and don’t settle for average.”

September 19, 2018

Sales & Development Class Visits UR

By: Hannah Matheson, CSL graduate student

Athletic rivalry aside, the University of Richmond has always been one of our strongest allies.  Students in the cohort work for Richmond Athletics in various departments each year and gain incredible, hands on experience.

On Wednesday, students in Sales & Development had the opportunity to learn from some of the department’s key players: Carolyn Center, general manager for Spider IMG Sports Marketing, Lindsay Biggs, Spider Club operations coordinator (and CSL alum) and Jasmonn Coleman, assistant athletic director for development.

CSL students learned about Richmond’s fundraising and corporate sponsorship strategies.  Afterwards, they were able to put their networking skills to the test when some of the 10 CSL alums working at UR stopped by:

  • Lindsay Biggs ’13 – Spider Club Operations Coordinator
  • Crystal (Williams) Brown ’13 – Director of Basketball Operations
  • Justin Cliff ’05 – Director of Equipment Operations
  • Chaz Coleman ’16 – Director of Football Operations
  • Mark Driscoll ’10 – Director of Ticket Operations
  • Courtney Hughes ’07 – Associate Director of Academics/Disability Services Coordinator
  • Chaney Manganello ’15 – Assistant Field Hockey Coach
  • Adam Richardson ’18 – Assistant Business Manager
  • Shannon St. Pierre ’12 – Associate Director of Academic Support/Director for Football Academic Performance
  • Marti Tomlin ’04 – Director of University Recreation

Biggs, a part of the Spider Club team since 2016, works closely with athletic donors, as well as coordinating marketing and communications strategies.  She spoke about plans to push for stronger communication and relationships with young alumni from the university and some of the philanthropical changes the athletic department will undergo with their new athletic director, John Hardt.

Coleman, a former UR football player, found his way back to his alma mater in 2008. He is responsible for leading the fundraising efforts for Spider Athletics.  Coleman emphasized how important networking and using his connections were in building his career, something that CSL students can relate to.  Relationship building is one of Coleman’s favorite aspects of the job, but he also focuses on strategic development and ways to bring in new donors.

Center, an adjunct professor for the CSL, handles corporate sponsorship and selling multimedia rights for Richmond Athletics.  She outlined the process of getting new sponsors, why certain companies would want to partner with UR and what the most valuable assets are working in her field.  “The work that we do is an art, not science.”

September 18, 2018

LeCrom Featured in Richmond Magazine

By: Hannah Matheson, CSL graduate student

If you’re flipping through this month’s issue of Richmond Magazine, you may see a familiar face. CSL Executive Director Dr. Carrie LeCrom is featured for her Fulbright Scholarship and pending trip to South Africa.

Dr. LeCrom’s area of expertise is Sport for Development, how sport creates social change. That’s what she will be doing for most of 2019, creating a soccer coach training program for at risk girls in Stellenbosch.

She hopes the program will empower young women to participate in a traditionally male-dominated sport.

You can read the entire article here.

September 18, 2018

Hat Tip Tuesday

Every Tuesday, we highlight alumni who have received new career opportunities, promotions or professional achievement. If you know of a CSL graduate who should be recognized, email Greg Burton