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CSL Students learn about IMG Sport Marketing

By: Hannah Matheson, CSL graduate student

Carolyn Center, general manager for Spider IMG sport marketing, came across town this time to speak to the entire cohort about multimedia rights and her strategies in sales.  Earlier this semester, CSL students enrolled in sales & development heard Center and her colleagues speak at the University of Richmond.

Center shared a little about what she does with IMG and what her main goals are.  Center sells sponsorships and manages all the multimedia rights for the University of Richmond.  “If you want to be associated with the university and what they stand for, you have to go through me. You can’t just use a logo, you have to buy the rights to it.  There’s value to logos.”

IMG gives Center a sales goal to meet each year, and she told our grad students the key to meeting this goal is understanding the culture of the athletic department. “The culture at VCU is different from U of R.  Every department is different.  Understanding how your department operates and what the fan base is like will get you where you need to be.”

Center offered her insight into the future of Richmond Athletics and sport marketing as a whole.  “The challenges we face are to become more creative. It’s not just selling a sign. We’re selling a story.”

”Personally, I want to be a team player.  I want to add value to the athletic department in any way that I can.”



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