Our Mission

Magical, mystical, colorful, vibrant and culturally resplendent – India has been known by numerous names through the ages. Each of these names are indeed the primary strokes of this big, beautiful picture called India.

In every corner of the world, Indians depict this very picture of their homeland, drawing people from other lands to its charm and, as significantly, reminding Indian residents in those places of the land that they belong to.

Virginia Commonwealth University, over the past few years, has become a much favored institution among Indians. As a result, the Indian student population here has swelled to an impressive number.

Tiranga brings together all these students, both new and existent, to form a community devoted to display the many facets of India. The central aspiration of this organization is to reveal all the wondrous things India is about to the receptive and eager audience in Richmond. An audience that not only consists of students of other nationalities and Richmond residents, but also of the large Indian populace who live and work in this prominent American city.

Alongwith this, Tiranga also aspires to play the role of a guide to students who are planning to be a part of this university in the near future. The organization intends to be a road map for students headed here. On the cultural front, Tiranga will be a platform where students interact with each other, exchange ideas of cultural and academic value and discover new ways to promote their home country amongst the people and communities they are associated with.

Tiranga is a non-religious and non profit organization, whose success will be the result of the selfless efforts of all its members. The organization’s ultimate goal is to become the face and voice of all Indians at VCU.


November 1, 2012