The history of Tiranga

Tiranga was officially started on August 21st 2006. A Yahoo group VCU Desis had been in existence for almost four years, and had been doing a great job in bringing together Indian students in VCU, guiding and helping new students coming to this university. As the Indian student population increased, a need was felt to have an official student body. As a registered student organization, we could request funds from VCU, use the event spaces in Student Commons and Larrick Center, get web space on VCU servers and an official Tiranga email account.

During summer of 2006, six people came together and took the initiative of starting this organization. Apart from the formalities required by VCU, one mammoth task was to decide on a name; a name that would be unique and could aptly describe the organization and its members and one that people won’t confuse with the preexisting Indian Student Association. After couple of days of brainstorming and scores of emails, everyone had a consensus: “Tiranga: Indian Nationals at VCU”. All the required paperwork was subsequently done and a new organization was born.

November 1, 2012