Tiranga Activities

Cultural Events

Tiranga is known in VCU for it’s thematic cultural events. Tiranga’s Fall/Spring Festival are a cultural extravaganza of Indian dances, Indian songs, Fashion show and Indian food.  Each semester Tiranga organizes 2 huge events. According to the theme of event there are different performances that rock the stage, this is the best way to showcase your talent.

Tiranga committee members strive very hard to make these events possible. Beautiful decoration, delicious food, pleasant music and performances all leads to a nice break from busy schedule.

Parichaya is the Fresher’s party which is also organized in fall and is kind of icebreaker to all new students. In summary, it is a day that has a lot of expectations and worries, because you meet new friends and be in new atmosphere, meet seniors, get answers for different questions on surviving in VCU and Richmond. This kind of interaction is important outside India, to get rid of home sickness and acclimatize with the new world. You make new friends, enjoy games and have the mouth-watering Indian food.

Beside these events there are always Potluck parties arranged during Diwali, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Holi so that people can meet each other and have bash.

RODS -(Reaching Out Dil Se)RODS

RODS was launched in  Spring 2011 as a community engagement program of Tiranga. This initiative aims at encouraging students to get involved in community service, promoting sense of contribution towards betterment of society. Since it’s establishment, RODS has been helping Richmond community through various volunteering activities, in association with other established organizations including Make-A-Wish foundation and The Salvation Army. In addition to service, RODS has conducted fundraising activities for Massey challenge 2012 and Festival of India.

Recently, we have also expanded our philanthropic services to India, by helping raise funds for education of underprivileged children in association with ‘Mahila Adhyeyan Kendra’. Our long term goal is to serve the weaker sections of society by all means and purpose. We always look forward to your participation in this noble cause. Visit the blog tab for our upcoming activities. If interested in volunteering or contributing financially please contact our RODS chairperson Nidhi Jariwala (nidhi.jariwala1@gmail.com) or public relation officer Bhavi Modi (bhavimodi807@gmail.com)

Tiranga Sports – What’s your Game?

Everyone is busy at work or school which kind of makes them compromise on socializing and health. That’s the reason why Tiranga came up with the concept of “Tiranga Sports”. Our aim is to conduct at least one major sporting event every semester and have an informal sporting activity every month to give the community a chance to come together for some fun as frequently as possible. We make sure to cover variety of different sports.

We had a Cricket match in the fall 2012 and a Volleyball tournament in the spring 2013.  Both these events were hugely successful. The once-each semester events are usually organized as VCU vs VCU Christ. More than a competition, the reason to do this is to help build relations within the entire community.  For our monthly sporting activities, we have already covered Rock Climbing and Badminton, and we look forward to bringing more!

Like all other Tiranga activities, our Sporting events also welcome students from different nationalities – this can help people to network and share their cultures. Tiranga wishes to see our community to be more healthy and fit while having fun and making new friends and we hope that our sports initiative can help the cause in some way.

October 17, 2013