Documents & Money


  • Other than you fee requirements you may have to take $1000-$2000 for the immediate expenses even if you have got funding. You’ll have several deposits to pay for the first month of stay like gas, telephone, and electricity. You’ll have to pay a months rent as deposit and a months rent advance (around $450 per person/month).
  • You can get forex from Thomas Cook/American Express and of course any Foreign Exchange bank like SBI, ICICI etc. Do this after you buy your ticket. And remember! Take major part of the money in DD or TC’s. The typical combination is DD for the entire fee you have to pay, $1000-$2000 in TCs, and $100 in cash…a combination of notes and coins….
  • The following documents have to taken along to get the forex from nationalized bank: Passport + copy, air ticket, I-20 Student Copy + copy, grade cards + copies, p.c. + copy, xii standard pass/mark sheet + copy, aid & admission letters + copies, bank advance/any other form of payment. Private agencies like Thomas Cook require only copy of passport, visa and ticket
  • Carry Rs.300 – Rs.500/- for airport tax and snacks (you’ll be in the airport 3 hrs before departure or just in case of delay in flight)


Carry all documents safely, and have photocopies to back you up – letter from Univ., mark sheets, etc. (the visa stuff basically). Also keep the I-94 form given in the flight safely. It is required at the port of entry.

Things to get photocopied: Make three sets of the following copies, keep one set at home and take the remaining two sets with you.

  • Visa.
  • Xth, Inter (10+2).
  • Degree marks sheets.
  • Certificate of Bachelors degree.
  • I-20 and acceptance letter from the university.
  • Take all the I-20’s with you if you have more than one.

August 27, 2013