Clothes, Footwear & Accessories


  • Jeans: 4 to 6 pairs (It’s a Must)
  • Shorts and bermudas: 6-8. Get those ones, which are, long and go a 2-3 inches beyond knees
  • T-shirts: 6-8, more if you like
  • Cotton shirts: 4-5 (no multicolored patterns, they are not in vogue in US). Cotton clothes are good in warmer places
  • Night suits: 2-3 pairs
  • Formal Suit & Ties – 1-2 pairs. You rarely need them…once in a year or so on occasions like seminars, convocation ceremony and interviews.
  • Undergarments: …a lot of them…10-15 pairs we stress upon this because you may go to the laundry once in two weeks!!
  • Socks.7-8 pairs you can bring even more because you would be wearing shoes most of the time. Do not take nylon socks. Cotton ones are better
  • Sweaters a couple – full sleeved advisable
  • Muffler
  • Woolen/leather gloves
  • Handkerchiefs-1 dozen
  • Belts: 2-3. One formal leather belt and others as you please. But you might want to know that one rarely tucks in the casual dresses
  • Kurta-payjamas: These would be good during cultural meets etc. If you have fancy for one, don’t forget extra naadi then.
  • Towels: 2 Turkish towels and 4 napkins
  • Bed sheets: 2 thin and 2 thick. The mattresses here are larger and thicker, so try to bring larger (double bed) size sheets.
  • Blanket 1
  • Duster 4 for cleaning
  • Napkin: 6
  • One air pillow; use this till you get a stuffed pillow from the store here
  • Sunglasses
  • Cap
  • Umbrella
  • Windcheater
  • Wallet with more pockets for credit cards: 2
  • Thermal wears: 1 pair; not of much help here

Jacket and snow shoes:

In Richmond, it gets very cold during winter with temperatures reaching -5°C at night. To make things worse, it snows occasionally (usually in Jan-Feb) and roads become slippery. Since most places in India don’t have such a weather, you may find it difficult to buy attire for winter at your local stores. The one you buy from India may not be sufficient for weather here. It is a good idea to buy a nice thick jacket from here. Prices start from $50 and sky is the limit. Additionally you may buy snow shoes or anti-skid shoes, to walk on the snow. Again these shoes are available in stores here and you don’t need to bring them from India.


  • Sports shoes: 2 pairs. Sports shoes are real cheap in US. More so in sales on Christmas and Thanksgiving etc. So do not spend too much money for these. Get some moderately priced and good ones so that you need not buy them immediately after coming to US
  • Formal leather shoes: Get good and strong leather shoes, shoes that have good grip are preferred
  • Floaters: Get two pairs of them
  • Slippers -two pairs, you don’t get the India type slippers in US
  • Kolhapuris, they serve good purpose in the summer.
August 27, 2013