You get all this stuff in US, and it’s pretty cheap too. This list is just to help you survive till your first shopping trip. You can also buy these here before the classes start.

Stationary list: (All Optional)

  • Notebook: 1-2
  • Pencils 1 box
  • Erasers 4
  • Stapler 1
  • Stapler pins 1 packet
  • Pens 12 blue/black, they may leak during the flight, so pack them properly
  • Scribbling Pad 2 no.
  • Glue stick 1 no.
  • Pencil Box 2 no.
  • Ruler – 12″ 1 no.
  • Stick on pad 2 no.
  • Cello tape 1 no.
  • Calculator: preferably scientific
  • Diary: paper/digital

Personal accessories:

  • Hangers for clothes
  • Brush & toothpaste
  • Soap: get a couple of bars of bathing soap till you go for the first groceries in US
  • Soap box
  • Washing powder for laundry – 1 packet. Make sure it works on automatic washing machines.
  • Shampoo 1 bottle
  • Body spray
  • Perfume
  • After shave
  • Shaving tube / foam
  • Razor and Blades
  • Combs & hair oil (if you use hair-oil get a years supply of your favorites)
  • Small mirror (just in case, even if you are not a narcissist!)
  • Nail cutter
  • Small scissors
  • Safety pin bunch
  • Mini-sewing kit (thread, needles) with some buttons
  • Rubber band 1 packet
  • Passport and stamp size snaps: just a few. For most picture IDs, they take picture with their cameras.
  • Back pack
  • Key Chains
  • Torch
  • Alarm clock


Get all the CDs which you might like to take with you. Though you get most of them in US, why spend money for luxurious things. If you are leaving your beloved, don’t forget to take those Rafi and Kishore Kumar blues.


Ask people from your dept what textbooks you might need. Books here are very expensive and low price editions of same book printed in India are much cheaper.

Flash Drive:

Though these drives are much cheaper in the US, it might be a good idea to carry a USB flash drive with all your important documents and files you might need here on it. You can also store your contacts list on it. You can plug it on almost all the computers in the university.

August 27, 2013