VCU Card

Link: VCU Card website

VCU ID is required to ride the VCU shuttles, for access to certain buildings and to check out books from library. Get it at the earliest. You can drop by the VCU card office on either campus and get one made. All you need a photo ID (generally your Passport) and your V number.


Rambucks is an account linked to your VCU card. You can deposit money to your Rambucks account and use your VCU card to pay for services like photocopy, printing, for shopping, food and on some vending machines. If you run out of money, you can add more to your VCU card through Value Transfer Stations at various locations in campus or online on VCU Card website.


You can also use your VCU card as an ATM card at WellsFargo ATMs located on the campus. For this you need to take your VCU card to a Wachovia branch and tell them to activate it.

Access to buildings:

Some buildings require your VCU ID for after hours access if you want to work in your lab late night or on weekends. You need to contact your department to get access to the building that you are working.

August 27, 2013