Car Rentals

You can rent cars at very reasonable rates from different rental companies. VCU has a venture with zipcar and they have lot of discounts and offers for VCU students. For more information on zipcar click here.

  • Rental companies classify cars in different categories (like economy, midsize, standard or full size, SUV) and have different rates for each category.
  • Car rental is available on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Car rental prices may vary a lot depending upon the company, whether it is a weekday or weekend, how many days you will rent it.
  • When you rent a car, you will not receive a driver. You will have to drive a car yourself.
  • Reserve car in advance to get good rates. If you rent a car on the spot, you may have to rent car from a more expensive category
  • You can make reservations on the internet, on the telephone or at the office.
  • You will need credit card and valid driver’s license to rent a car. Most companies won’t let you rent a car if you don’t have a credit card. Others may ask you to make monetary deposits.
  • Most companies require that all drivers are at least 25 years old. Some companies ( like budget ) allow people under the age of 25 to rent a car, but they charge more.
  • Some car rentals charge more if you are going to drive outside a certain region. For example, the rental may be higher if you are planning to go to New York, compared to rental if you are planning to drive within Virginia.
  • You are responsible for any damage to or loss of vehicle while driving the rental car.¬†You need to purchase rental insurance when you rent a car, which can be purchased from the rental company itself.
  • You can also pay additional money and get accidental damage coverage. If that is purchased, you won’t have to pay the costs (or all the cost) if you have an accident.
  • Generally, each car comes with a limited number of miles you can drive each day. For example, if you rent a car with 150 miles/day and if you rent it for 3 days, you can only drive 450 miles within that period. Additional miles cost additional per mile charge.
  • You can rent a car with International Driving Permit too.
  • Airports also have car rental offices, so if you go to a different city, you can rent a car from Airport, use it while you stay there, and return it at the time of return flight.
  • Some travel websites which sell air-tickets also give good deals on car rentals, specially if you purchase air ticket and rent car at the same time.

Rental Companies

You can search on Google for their websites, locations and rates.

October 5, 2013