Groceries: General


Routine groceries like food, cleaning supplies, disposables etc can be purchased from Ukrops or Kroger which are both within walking distance from VCU’s Monroe Park Campus. You can also buy these from bigger stores like Wal-Mart, but you will need to take a bus or go by car. Generally, the prices in Wal-Mart are a lower than other stores. These are some of the stores and how to go there:


901 N Lombardy St
Richmond, VA
Contact: (804) 213-3620

This store is closest to VCU monroe park campus. You can go walking or take a GRTC bus 1,2,3,4,6,24. You can also call RAM SAFE at (804) 828- SAFE. RamSafe provides free transportation service to on-campus locations and nearby residences and buildings. Check here for operation hours and more details.

2410 Sheila Ln
Richmond, vA
Contact: (804) 320-6991

To go to this walmart store you can take GRTC bus 70. Check bus schedule before you go!

Ask your seniors for directions to these stores


Compared to India, where each packaged product has a MRP, in US, most of the products don’t have price printed on them. This is because each product can have different price in different stores. But in all stores, the shelf on which the product is kept has a sticker with price printed on it. Some of the stickers also have unit price (price per ounce or per pounds) written so you can compare say a 24 oz box of cereal to a 30 oz box of another cereal.

Weekly Specials

Most big chain stores have their weekly specials. Every week, they select certain items and put them on sale. You may get an item even for one third or one fourth of the original price! These stores print the weekly specials on their circular, which you can find at the store entrance.

Kroger’s weekly special:

Customer Loyalty card

Stores like Kroger and Ukrops have their loyalty cards like Kroger card or Ukrops card. You can get additional discount on certain products using these cards. These cards can be obtained after filling out a small form in the store. Ask the cashier or customer center of the store for details. Most of these cards can be put in your key ring so you don’t forget them.

Store Brands

Big stores have a lot of products marketed under their own brand, e.g. Great Value by Wal-Mart or Kroger Brand by Kroger. These products are available only in their parent store (you can buy a box of Great Value detergent only in Wal-Mart) and are generally cheaper than the competing brands.

October 9, 2013