Can I offer a tip or two?

Tip: It may be helpful to encourage your students to get digitally organized.  Google drive is a great way to store documents and notes but it is important to ensure that course documents, assignments and notes are quick and easy to find. Modeling digital organization through how you create your modules or units in Blackboard provides students with a structure for how they can organize their materials.

By providing students with examples of what good organization looks like you give them the foundation that they need to develop a system that works well for them.


Tip: Another great tip, is to encourage students to use tagging for better recall of content.  I bet they are familiar with the technique of tagging because they use it with their social media but I wonder if they realize how useful it can be for school?  Tagging helps to connect related materials for easier searches.  It is great to get into the habit of tagging all documents as they are created, before saving a document add the tags that relate to the content so that days, weeks or even years later you can easily find what you are looking for.


Tip: Encourage students to create a Portfolio to collect the artifacts that make up their educational journey at VCU.  Students can share their portfolio with prospective employers, or as part of a graduate school application as evidence of the skills they have learned and their future potential.  Portfolios can be created in Blackboard outside of a specific course by accessing Tools in the menu in the top right-hand corner under you name.

Helping your students to get better organized will not only help them in your class but it will set them up to be more successful when they move beyond the University.

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