Peer Instruction

3g-ipodWhat makes students in 2016 different?

Technology has been a part of their lives since birth. The class of 2020 was born the year that the 1st iPod was sold and the year Wikipedia came out.  Students are so engaged in the fast-paced Internet era that many find it difficult to switch gears when they have to study an issue that requires in-depth analysis and patience (Ehrlich & Fu, 2013).


How do we reach today’s student?

peer-instructionResearch conducted over the past few decades show it is nearly impossible for students to take in and process all the information presented during a typical lecture, and yet it is a tradition that dates back thousands of years and continues today (Hanford, 2016).  Dr. Joe Reddish, physics professor at the University of Maryland, has found that Peer Instruction works in his classes.  He encourages faculty to find ways to engage students in the learning process.  Required discussion forums are a great way to get a dialogue started. Teaching by questioning forces a student to think not just listen.  More Information on Peer Instruction


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