Meeting Minutes – Oct. 22, 2015

Guest Speaker: Associate University Librarian and Library Director for Tompkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences, Teresa L. Knott
Topic: Possible Library Renovations

Teresa thanked group for their feedback and encouraged them to share any ideas either during this meeting or after.
Announced plan to renovate first floor.
Working on having a plan in place in case library gets funds at the end of the year.
Still not sure if funds will be available but want to have a project in place if the library does.

Teresa shared plans from architect with the group.
Same firm was used for the Multimedia Collaboration Room and for Cabell so they are familiar with academic library needs and design.

Teresa provided the following in her overview:

  1. Desire to make service desk smaller
  2. Adding more transitional space
  3. Computers around pillars remain
  4. Addition restaurant style banquette seating
  5. Moving large group seating/study booth from second floor to first
  6. Removal of security guard station
  7. High table for fly-by activities in central area
  8. Possibility of removing some computers from first floor (will not replace)

Student asked about kiosks for laptop loaning: Teresa said it is not currently something that the library was considering. Laptops can still be checked out at the service desk.
Tables added to the first floor would likely be easy to move.
Students expressed concern over the removal of computers from the library.
Students said they liked to have the larger screen and used computers in the library frequently. Students with Macs said it was easier to use a library PC to gain access to Microsoft Office programs.

Teresa and Steve assured the group that they were looking at data and trying to understand the data to help the library make a decision about removing computers, if any.

Students said they liked having ability to connect to their laptop to a large or dual screen
Steve reminded the group that there are some dongles available for checkout at the service desk so even those with Macs can connect.

Teresa asked the students if they preferred chairs with fixed legs or with wheels.

Student said it depends on what options, lumbar support, move-able arms, etc the chair can provide.
Students were surprised that previous feedback suggested fixed chairs were more popular.
Student said they like more comfortable chairs but rolling tables.
Student mentioned Hunton as a good place for comfortable chairs.

Teresa mentioned that treadmill desks were a possibility in Hunton.

Students were excited about this and asked for more information on having more standing desks on the first floor of Tompkins-McCaw Library. Student would like more standing options, not just drive by areas, more larger are to spread items out while standing. Teresa mentioned that the drive-by space would be powered. Students also expressed interested in sit/stand options.

Teresa will speak with designers about current cafe space and the space upstairs once large booth is moved to first floor.

Students shared their desire for more private spaces.
Students like the dog bone style desks already on second floor because space is separated.

Teresa mentioned that the fake plants would likely be removed as they are dated and collect a lot of dust.

Students expressed interest in:

  1. Bringing coffee/cafe back to the library
  2. Having rental lockers
  3. Making sure the exhibit spaces were still easy to see and get to/attractive
  4. Having more hand sanitizer stations in the library
  5. The possibility of bringing the Lego Exhibit to the library

Steve reminded the group about our potluck Thanksgiving event next month and will send an invite to the group. Date for event is Nov. 19.

Group was invited to the art exhibit opening tonight.