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Meeting Minutes – Oct. 19, 2017

  1. Housekeeping
    1. Steve confirmed that everyone could access the Google Group. Emails are coming through.
    2. As per suggestion from last meeting: loaner projectors have been purchased and will arrive soon. Can be checked out at the Service Desk once they here.
  2. Recap:
    1. Guest speaker from first session was Teresa Knott. She provided figures about budgeting in VCU Libraries and some information about future plans for the library.  
  3. Today’s Guest: John Ulmschneider – Director VCU Libraries
    1. John thanked all those in attendance and those who were participating on their second year in the committee. VCU Libraries values student feedback.
    2. Happy to announce that VCU Libraries becomes a member of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Jan. 2018.
    3. Plans for the library and things going forward
      1. New health sciences library is major asset to research and attracts new students.
      2. Will need a lot of student input to create the new library, share stories to help with design.
      3. There will be opportunity for students to shape the future of the library.
      4. Help is greatly needed and we need students to share and get their colleagues to provide feedback as well.
      5. Off-site storage location needed.
  4. Open discussion with students
    1. Need for multidisciplinary care and for all students to work toward value based model of care.
    2. Creating a collaborative space
    3. Distinguishable building – should stand out and be its own space
    4. Open and inviting
    5. Windows are important to add to the new space
    6. Private group study rooms – many are needed
    7. Furniture purchased should be configured as needed
    8. Communities that are served by the library will have different needs at different times
    9. Consider library services for PIs and how to serve students and PIs in one location through the library.
    10. How can the library make grant funding more competitive through space?

Meeting Minutes – Oct. 20, 2016

Meeting Minutes – October 20, 2016

Guest Speakers:

Erin White, Head of Digital Engagement
Alison Tinker

Topic: Digital Initiatives and Library Website

Erin discussed the issues with communicating ebook restrictions to library users and faculty members.  Affordable course content was also briefly discussed.

Several members had suggestions to improve the study room reservation system.  Reservation rules should be more evident on the reservation page.  Some study rooms should be reservable only by graduate/professional students.

Some members expressed a preference for the new exclusive study area for graduate students at Cabell Library.  Some suggestions to improve that space included better soundproofing to keep out noise from the Compass and from neighboring study rooms.

Alison and Erin also led a journey exercise to help reflect on how students use online library resources.

Members of the committee were all invited to the TML Thanksgiving Feast on November 17th at noon.

The next meeting is scheduled for December 8th.

Meeting Minutes – March 26, 2014

  1. MCV Student Government Association Survey:
    Review of TML’s results
  2. Questions from TML’s Research and Education Department
    –  Do you think there’s student interest in a basic, 1-hour literature review workshop?  Yes, especially if it’s available online for asynchronous viewing.  Online tutorials for different levels (basic vs. advanced) would be useful.
    –  Are you aware that librarians can help you develop search strategies for a literature review or grant proposal?  Based on the feedback received, the department needs to improve marketing this service.  Suggestion: Portable posters advertising these services in TML.  Posters can compare user vs. librarian searches, or they can feature liaisons.  Additional suggestion was made that being on the 2nd floor of the Hunton Student Center from 1-3pm instead of 11-1pm might help librarians reach their intended audience.
  3. Next meeting: Thursday, April 24, 2014

Note: The meeting scheduled for Thursday, February 27 was canceled due to numerous scheduling conflicts.

Meeting Minutes – December 4, 2013

1. Upcoming Event: Exam Breaks at Tompkins-McCaw Library, from 12-1pm

  • 12/9: Yoga (Special Collections & Archives Reading Room)
  • 12/10: Tai Chi (Special Collections & Archives Reading Room)
  • 12/11: Chair Massages (1st floor Conference Room)
  • 12/12: Yoga (Special Collections & Archives Reading Room)

2. Open Discussion

3. Next Meeting: Thursday, January 23, 2014 at 12pm in the 1st floor Conference Room at Tompkins-McCaw Library

See you after the holidays!

Meeting Minutes – November 20, 2013

1. Guests: Erin White, Web Systems Librarian; Joseph Figaro, Web Applications Designer.
2. Upcoming Events

  • Invitation to attend Tompkins-McCaw Library’s Thanksgiving lunch on 11/21/13
  • Exam Breaks at Tompkins-McCaw Library, from 12-1pm
    • 12/9: Yoga
    • 12/10: Tai Chi
    • 12/11: Chair Massages
    • 12/12: Yoga

3. Usability Testing on the new VCU Libraries website

  • Students were asked to complete tasks on the beta version of the new VCU Libraries website and share their observations.  Thanks for everyone’s participation!

4. Next meeting: Wednesday, December 4, 2013 at 12pm in the 1st floor Conference Room at Tompkins-McCaw Library

Note: A question about the library’s Document Delivery Services was brought up during our last meeting.  When articles and book chapters are not available electronically but are part of the VCU Libraries’ print collection, you can pay $5 to have it delivered to you electronically.  (This service is free for distance-learning students.)  A list of the VCU Libraries’ Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services fees is available online.

Agenda – April 18th, 2013

Time & Location – Noon, 1st Floor Conference Room, Tompkins-McCaw Library

  1. Welcome
  2. Follow-Up from previous meeting
    1. Joining TMLGAC Next Year
    2. Study Breaks
  3. Open Discussion
    1. STF Funding Approval
    2. TMLGAC Improvement Discussion
    3. Other