Writing Center Consultations at Tompkin-McCaw Library

As mentioned in the committee meeting on September 26, the VCU Writing Center began holding office hours at Tompkins-McCaw Library on August 27. Consultants are available in Room 2-010 on Tuesday and Thursday of each week from 12:00 to 6:00 p.m. Print the flyer!

Information is also available at: http://guides.library.vcu.edu/tmlwritingcenter
Please share with your classmates!

Meeting Minutes – April 18th, 2013

1. Welcome

2. Follow-Up from previous meeting

  • Joining TMLGAC Next Year – Emily will be sending out an interest form in joining TMLGAC next year.  This form is not a commitment but to help know who would like to be on the committee next year.
  • Upcoming Events
  • Study Breaks – May 6th to 9th 3-5PM
  • Dogs on Call – May 7th Noon

3. Open Discussion

  • STF Funding Approval
  • T. Knott introduced the proposed Student Technology Fee list to the members of the Tompkins-McCaw Graduate Advisory Committee.  She explained how the students a portion of their tuition is allocated to this fee and it is used outfit the university with technology.  The VCU Libraries’ goal is to create a technology environment filled with contemporary tools for students to discover, learn, create and grow. 
  • T. Knott explained how it is the libraries intention to upgrade and recycle many public computer stations, add a charging station for mobile devices and add materials for Tompkins-McCaw’s Consultation Suite.
  • The students were very interested in Macs computers added to the list.  They expressed how they use Macs in their labs in their respected schools so they would like to access them here in the library.  We explained some of the issues we have with our networking with desktop Macs.  We are working around this issue with adding Macbooks to our list.  They will be available for checkout like our other laptops.
  • The students expressed some concern over the equipment intended for the Innovative Media Studio.  They wanted to know about the groups who would use these materials.  They also expressed concerns over the scalability of these services.  The 3D printer would be a one-time cost but the materials used to produce the product could be expensive.  This is something the libraries are going to investigate further with the addition of new position of Head of the Innovative Media Studio.
  • One student expressed her want for a Clinical System Prototype.  This would provide students with an example Electronic Health Record in a neutral setting.  This could also be used to leverage the promotion of more Interprofessional Education opportunities on the MCV campus.  This might be added to a future STF list.
  • TMLGAC Improvement Discussion
  • Thank you to our group for offering candid suggestions for possible improvements to the TMLGAC next year. 
  • From the feedback, there is a need for more summarization prior to the meetings about recurring topics we cover in TMLGAC.  This is especially important with committee members who have been part of the committee for many years. 
  • The setting of goals at the beginning of the year could help with engagement in work with TMLGAC.  The work will then be reflected in a “record of improvement” throughout the year.
  • For those who are new member of TMLGAC, an orientation with previous work accomplished by the TMLGAC should be provided.  Emily will work on this during the summer for the incoming members.
  • The Cabell Undergraduate Advisory Committee has a service component to their committee work.  From your suggestions, there will be no requirement of participation but an invitation to possibly post an item on our TML News blog or to help at a Library Event.  These invitations will be sensitive to the demands on your time and requested well before the event date.
  • If you have any other suggestions, please email Emily with your idea.

Agenda – April 18th, 2013

Time & Location – Noon, 1st Floor Conference Room, Tompkins-McCaw Library

  1. Welcome
  2. Follow-Up from previous meeting
    1. Joining TMLGAC Next Year
    2. Study Breaks
  3. Open Discussion
    1. STF Funding Approval
    2. TMLGAC Improvement Discussion
    3. Other

Agenda – March 21st, 2013

Time & Location – Noon, 1st Floor
Conference Room, Tompkins-McCaw Library


from previous meeting

TMLGAC Next Year



Libraries Website Redesign – Guest: Erin White


Meeting: Wednesday, April 18th, 2013  – Conference
Room – 1st Floor – Tompkins-McCaw Library

Meeting Minutes – February 21th, 2013

1)      Welcome

2)      Follow-up &

a)      New Scanner – There is a
new scanner located on the first floor replacing the old document scanner.  This new one allows you to scan on a flatbed
scanner or a document feeder with many options to save documents.

b)      Please take Web Redesign Survey – This is a quick survey for our Website
Redesign project.  We will be visited by
our Web Systems Librarian, Erin White in March to talk about the redesign

c)      Issues with Library Systems
– The library has been going through a systems transition and have been
experiencing issues with our Get-it @ VCU and Interlibrary Loan systems.  Please be patient with us and try to report
issues as they present themselves.  We
appreciate your feedback on this.

d)      LibQual+ Reminder – The
LibQual+ Survey will be released in late March. 
If you receive this survey, please take it.  It is one of the only ways the libraries are
able to receive feedback throughout the year.

e)      Upcoming Meetings – Please
look at your schedules for the next meeting dates for potential conflicts.  Thursdays, March 21st and April 18th
are the upcoming meeting dates.  I am
willing to be flexible if there are many conflicts for one of those dates.

3)      Open Discussion

a)      STF & HEETF Funding –
The VCU Libraries must create a list of items to request for technology for the
next fiscal year.  This list is to attain
STF funding for different technology in the library.  The students expressed interest in:

Mac computers

ii)      Dual monitors for some

iii)    Search stations for all
floors of the library – this will allow you to access the VCU Libraries Search
to look for call numbers or stack volumes. 
This could be either a computer or maybe even a mounted tablet.

iv)    Upgrade older computers so
they may run properly.

v)      Per the suggestion of a tablet
cart for checkout during class sessions, the students thought it was a good
idea but were concerned about the tablets being too locked down.  They wanted to see note-taking tools on the
tablets as well as the ability to use their own tablet if they have one.  These are some potential challenges the
library will have to think of if a tablet cart is purchased.

b)      Presenter – Jodi Koste,
Archivist – Jodi did a short overview of the history of MCV and the collections
of historical artifacts in Special Collections at TML.  Feel free to contact her if you have any
questions about special collections.

Next Meeting: March 21st,
2013 @ Noon in the 1st Floor Conference Room 

Meeting Minutes – Jan 17th, 2013



A) Renovations

TML has many renovations happing in
the building this winter.  We have had
the stacks carrels painted and desk tops replaced.  The restroom stalls on the basement and 2nd
floor have been replaced.  The bathroom
sinks counter on the first floor has been replaced.  And last but not least, the entry stairs are
being replaced.  We apologize for the
noise as these renovations continue.

Follow-up from Previous Meetings


I will be sending out Google
Calendar invites for the meetings in addition to the agenda.  As a person who lives by her Google Calendar,
I hope it will help with organizing your schedules and to know when the
meetings are.


Potential programming ideas from the
last meeting have been paired with potential VCU partners to produce the
programming.  We hope to have some of
this programming arranged for the late spring and new school year.

Guest – Ronke Lawal – LibQual+
Survey Question feedback

We posted a group
of questions
which will be asked on the new LibQual+ Survey the library will
be implementing in the spring of 2013.  Many
gave feedback regarding electronic access to materials was good but felt it was
a bit confusing finding journals in print in the library.  We will explore potential options to make it
clearer in the VCU Libraries Search results on how to get print journals.  The Interlibrary Loan time frame was also
brought up for discussion.   It is hard for us to gauge when a request is submitted
to when it is going to be fill because we are dependent upon other libraries to
fill those requests.  These records are
monitored to see if there is a need to purchase a frequently requested item to
add to the VCU Libraries collection.

If you receive this survey in the
spring, please take it.  The library does
not survey often so when we do, it is important to capture as much information
as possible.  There will be a chance to
win an iPad or a Barnes and Noble Gift Card. 
Every survey taken will donate $1 to the Central Virginia Food Bank.

Meeting: February 21st, 2103 @ Noon in the 1st Floor
Conference Room

Questions for Jan 17th Meeting

Sorry for the late
notice but we have had an addition to our agenda this Thursday.  Ronke Lawal, who will be implementing
LibQual+ this Spring 2013, is soliciting feedback on how you go about answering
the questions on the survey.  She has
given three sample questions for us to examine.

about your baseline expectations for the services presented and come prepared
to discuss how you would answer these questions.  Please take a look at
the sample prompt and questions below:

Please rate the
following statements (1 is lowest, 9 is highest) by indicating:

Minimum: For each question,
indicate the number that represents the minimum level of
service that you would find acceptable

Desired: the number that
represents the level of service that you personally want

Perceived - the number that
represents the level of service that you believe our library
currently provides

When it comes to:

IC-1- Making
electronic resources accessible from my home or office

My minimum service
level is: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

My Desired service
level is: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Perceived service
performance is: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


When it comes to:

IC-2 – A library Website
enabling me to locate information on my own

My minimum service
level is: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

My Desired service
level is: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Perceived service
performance is: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


When it comes to:

IC-8 – Print and/or
electronic journal collections I require for my work

My minimum service
level is: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

My Desired service
level is: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Perceived service
performance is: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

greatly appreciate your feedback and look forward to seeing you on Thursday.


Agenda – January 17th, 2013




Follow-up from
Previous Meetings



5) Guest – Ronke Lawal – LibQual+ Survey Question feedback

Open Discussion

Meeting Minutes – December 6, 2012


Follow-Up from
previous meeting


It has been difficult
to accommodate the absences from previous TMLGAC meetings with up to 5
students missing a meeting.  Different meeting times during the day, or
giving optional times to meet has been proposed.  Emily will be more
consistent with updating the Facebook page more with meeting dates and will be
more flexible with the meeting times regarding mid-terms and finals for the
March and April meetings. 

Programming – Guest –
Shannon D. Jones, Associate Director, Research & Education

Types of Programming

Many types of
programming were suggested to promote goals of lifelong learning.  These
ranged from online, asynchronous tutorials for CE credit to workshops
on financial aid.  Many of the programs have to potential for the library
to partner with another VCU entities including the Writing Center, CCTR, etc.
 The library will be investigating many of these mentioned programs to see
if many of them could be offered through the library.

Marketing of Programming

It is essential for the
library to know where to advertise our programming.  We will continue to
advertise on Facebook and through the VCU Calendar.  Thank you for sharing
contacts you receive emails from in your school.  This will help us
advertise our programs directly to the schools.

Open Discussion

a)    Coursera and CITI
was discussed as model for online courses.