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This alert is Past.

Past alerts pertain to issues that have been resolved or which are no longer relevant.

Microsoft announces Critical Vulnerability in MS Office

A recently discovered vulnerability in Microsoft Office Web Components has been discovered and is being used by malicious web sites to attack computers across the internet. The vulnerability is exploited when you visit a malicious or hacked web site using Internet Explorer, and you are running one of the affected Office Products. Among the affected products are Office XP and Office 2003 with the lastest Service Packs. For a full list of affected products, see Microsoft’s advisory.

Avoid falling prey to this attack by:
1) installing the workaround provided by Microsoft and/or
2) using an alternate web browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome.

Even if you do use an alternate browser, we recommend that you apply the workaround provided by Microsoft to your personally owned computer. If your computer is owned by VCU and managed by an IT tech support unit, be sure to coordinate with your tech support unit before applying this or any other patch or update.

For those wanting more technical information, please see the Microsoft Advisory as well as the Internet Storm Center.

Posted by gnpendergast on Tuesday, July 14, 2009, at 9:43 am

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