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Past alerts pertain to issues that have been resolved or which are no longer relevant.

Email Phishing Scam Discovered with Subject “Your VCU Email Account Needs to be Updated”

VCU Technology Services staff have discovered an email phishing scam which asks the recipient to click a link and log in with their VCU eID and password. This email was not sent by VCU.

The email has a subject of “Your VCU Email Account Needs to be Updated” and asks the recipient to “Click here to update your account”. This link takes you to a webpage that is not associated with VCU. The resulting webpage has been spoofed to look like a VCU website but checking the URL in the browser address bar will show you this page is not originating from VCU. If the user enters their credentials, they will be giving others access to all their VCU related data and services.

If you receive this email, or one like it, please delete it and do not respond to it. If you accidentally respond, change your eID password immediately and contact the VCU helpIT Center to notify them that your password may have been compromised. And if you use the same password elsewhere, consider changing it there as well.

To learn more about how phishing works, what phishers might ask for, how they’ll try to get you to share info., signs of a potential attack and how to protect yourself, visit our Phishing page.

Posted by Connie Whetstine on Wednesday, May 4, 2011, at 9:28 am

Don’t Get Phished

Don’t be a phishing victim - VCU and other reputable organizations will never use email to request that you reply with your password, social security number or confidential personal information.

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