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[Update 2/16/17] Employment Scam Targeting Students (1/24/17)

[Update 2/16/17] Scammers are again targeting VCU students with employment opportunities this month. As noted below, VCU employs email filters to keep many of these scams from reaching students but some scams might make it through our filters. The most recent scam comes from Dan Richter who claims to be sending the message to 10 VCU students who have been referred to him. This is a scam. Please delete this email and do not respond with any personal information. If you have responded to this individual, please contact the IT Support Center at or 828-2227.

Scammers are targeting university students with job offer scams across the country. In a recent report released by both FBI and US-CERT, these agencies warned the public about the continued rise of scams designed to steal money from students. The scam typically starts as a job offer for an administrative position. Once the student is on the hook, the scammer will then send counterfeit checks to the student, instructing him or her to deposit the check while forwarding parts of the funding to another account. What the victims do not realize is that the check is counterfeit and will bounce in the subsequent days, therefore leaving the student out of money and potentially be liable for financial fraud.

VCU utilizes security tools to help filter out these scams, but no security control is perfect and some scams may occasionally slip through. If you receive an email from an unknown party offering you a job, then please be careful before responding. Please note that it is highly unlikely for anyone to offer you a job in email without a proper interview. If you receive such suspicious message, please contact the VCU IT Support Center at or 828-2227 for assistance and verification.

Posted by Samuel Kennedy on Thursday, February 16, 2017, at 12:00 pm

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