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Past alerts pertain to issues that have been resolved or which are no longer relevant.

Fake Computer Virus Alerts Reported (4/6/17)

Recently the Information Security Office has seen an increase in “fake virus” alerts on VCU devices. Currently, the malware seems to be coming from a Google Chrome extension that is being installed without the knowledge of the person using the computer. After installation, it has been witnessed that a pop-up alert will come on screen and an audio track with a synthesized voice will play alerting the user that they have been infected with a virus. The pop-up will also ask the user to contact support with a given phone number for remediation.

If you see this on your screen, immediately contact your local departmental or school IT support representative or contact the IT Support Center at or 804-828-2227

Posted by Samuel Kennedy on Thursday, April 6, 2017, at 11:42 am

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