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[Update 2/16/17] Employment Scam Targeting Students (1/24/17) »

[Update 2/16/17] Scammers are again targeting VCU students with employment opportunities this month. As noted below, VCU employs email filters to keep many of these scams from reaching students but some scams might make it through our filters. The most recent scam comes from Dan Richter who claims to be sending the message to 10 VCU students who have be . . .

W-2 Scam: Protect Yourself From Cybertheft »

With tax season here, scammers are out to steal employment W2 information for tax scams. Please be extra careful with emails and phone calls that you receive during this time. Scammers will try to steal your login credentials and tax information so that they can file taxes on your behalf, in addition to stealing your personal information. For tips a . . .

IT Support Center Walk Up Relocation (11/2/16) »

Due to another water event in the basement of Cabell Library, we have temporarily moved the walk up service desk for the IT Support Center from B30 in Cabell Library basement to B9A. Patrons should see the new location when they come off the elevators from the historic section of Cabell or when walking from the new basement area of the library. For qu . . .

Protect Your Identity & Information! »

As the new year starts, please be mindful that scammers always try and take every opportunity to steal your information or money. With the start of this new year and the looming tax season around the corner, please be on the lookout for scams pretending to be IRS or employers promising easy money for a few hours of work. The former scam usually attempts . . .

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