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March, 2014 update

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It’s St. Patrick’s Day and snowing, so I’m wondering if I’m still in Chicago.  But I know I’m not because it will be nice this weekend, and I have a team to cheer for in the NCAAs.  In this month’s CIO blog, I would like to highlight two new (and one not so new) services that enhance our ability to provide IT support to VCU students, staff, and faculty:

24/7 Call Center Support for helpIT

The VCU helpIT Center will begin offering comprehensive 24/7 telephone support soon in response to the growing needs of online education and MOOC offerings at VCU.  After careful consideration, the helpIT Center staff has partnered with Perceptis to offer after-hours phone support, which is expected to go live early May, 2014.  Walk-up helpIT Center hours are not expected to change at this time.  Calling the helpIT number, 827-2227, anytime, 365 days a year, will get you live support for eID password resets, Blackboard, PC/Mac troubleshooting, email support and many other issues, as well as triage for almost any issue.

Please contact the VCU helpIT Center (828-2227, with any questions about this new service.

Atomic Learning

“How do I set up and modify Gradebook in Blackboard?” “How do I get started using SPSS?” “How do I listen effectively?” “What is wireless networking?” “How do I format my research paper?”

The questions are many, but sometimes the answers seem elusive. That is where Atomic Learning@VCU comes in.  Atomic Learning@VCU provides online training to simplify technology, and other topics, for the VCU community.  Faculty, students and staff enjoy 24/7 access to training on over 205 relevant applications and topics by visiting and logging in with their VCU eID.

Visit the Atomic Learning@VCU askIT Knowledge Base for more information including the User Guide, FAQ, and help pages. If you have any suggestions about the use of Atomic Learning@VCU, the askIT Knowledge Base pages or other questions, email


What is Synergyse?  How do you even pronounce it?  Synergyse is a tool to learn just what you need about Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, and Google Docs when you need it.  No sitting in a class.  No keeping a manual beside your computer.  No filtering through web search results to find what you need.  Just look for the Synergyse logo (image below) at the top of your Gmail, Calendar, Drive or Docs page and click on it:

That’s it.  Simple.  Click on the link and a drop down box will appear with a series of links for short snippets of video to show you just what you are looking for. The most popular subjects will be listed, but just use the search box to find what you need.  Most snippets are less than 2 minutes, with many less than a minute.  The service is now available to all VCU faculty and staff, with students being added soon. The service is only available for Google Chrome, but support for other browsers is coming.  For instructions on how to add Synergyse, visit the appsforVCU page at

As always, thanks to the entire team in Technology Services as well as to the many technology professionals who work in other areas of VCU to provide critical support and excellent service.  Let’s all hope for a great showing by the Rams as March Madness begins!


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Published on Monday, March 17, 2014, at 5:13 pm by alhenson in the Technology Services: From the CIO blog.
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2 Comments Below

#1 rdyhip March 24, 2014
Alex to install Syngergyse I had to go to the Chrome Web Store then click on the "For" category. From there I had to install the Synergyse extension for Google Chrome. This may need to be added to the instructions.
#2 Scott Davis March 24, 2014
For instructions on how to add Synergyse go to

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