July, 2018 CIO Update

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I hope everyone is having a great summer and has taken the opportunity to enjoy some time off with friends and family while in the midst of our shared work in preparing for the new academic year.  For this month’s entry, I’d like to highlight the results of the employee engagement survey we did this spring as well as feature some development opportunities for IT staff.

Employee Engagement Survey Results

I am extremely proud and gratified to announce that Technology Services had the highest overall rating for employee engagement in VCU Administration and also improved approximately 10% over last year.  With an average of 4.05/5 on all 12 questions, we ranked in the the 75th percentile of all Gallup customers (and Gallup customers are generally making active efforts to drive employee engagement). I am particularly excited about the high ratings we saw for the questions around management caring about professional development opportunities and staff members being able to learn and grow. As we know, engaged employees tend to provide great customer service.  Our high employee engagement ratings correlate closely with our high customer service ratings – our post-ticket survey ratings are averaging at 4.9 out of 5 over the past year, and we also saw great results in the Administration customer service survey. This is something of which we can all be proud!  I will share the results in detail in a separate communication, but I want to thank all those who responded and encourage all of us to hold each other accountable in making Technology Services and VCU a great place to work.

Professional Development Opportunities

I also wanted to mention a couple of development opportunities.  The COVITS conference will be held at the Greater Richmond Convention Center on September 5 and 6 and provides an opportunity to network with other Commonwealth of Virginia IT professionals and see interesting speakers including Governor Northam.  Please consult the COVITS web site for further information.  In addition, many of you have already taken advantage of our enhanced Gartner service, Gartner for Technical Professionals.  Please contact Scott Davis to learn more and register for access.

Best wishes to all for an enjoyable rest of the summer!







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