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T4 Consulting Hour – November 13, 10:00am, Monroe

This week’s T4 Open Consulting Hour will take place in The Depot. We’ll be on the second floor in the Interdisciplinary Work Space. It’ll be this Friday, November 13, from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. We will have Web Services staff on

T4 Consulting Hour – November 6, 10:00 am, MCV

Greetings, TerminalFour users and friends!  I want to remind all of you that this is an open meeting, meaning anybody can come! I’ve been happy to see a few of you coming just to see what’s going on within the

T4 Consulting Hour – October 30, 10:00am, Monroe

Greetings, TerminalFour users and pals! This week’s T4 Open Consulting Hour will take place in the basement of the Cabell Library. It’ll be this Friday, October 30th, from 10:00 am to 11:00 am in B-35. It’s in the regular WUG meeting

October, 2015 CIO Update

While I recover from my beloved Chicago Cubs being swept by the Mets (at least my other favorite team, The Kansas City Royals, may be going to the World Series), I thought I might take a moment to provide an

T4 Consulting Hour – October 16, 10:00am, Monroe

Greetings, TerminalFour users and pals! This email will be slightly shorter than my last, very sorry about that. This week’s T4 Open Consulting Hour will take place in The Depot. We’ll be on the second floor in the Interdisciplinary Work Space. It’ll

T4: Growth, Publishing and Transferring, the Future.

Greetings TerminalFour users and pals, Due to the length of this post, I want to give a “too long; didn’t read” summary for those of us too busy to read a short novel written by your CMS Admin. However, I

No Show for Friday, October 2nd

Due to the VASCAN conference, the next show will be Friday, October 9th.  

September, 2015 CIO Update

We are now more than halfway through the UCI World Cycling Championships, and from VCU’s standpoint, extensive planning and preparation have helped to make things run smoothly this week.  Technology Services operations have all run according to plan. Support operations

September 18, 2015 Show

Friday’s show: **Please note I will be changing the format to Every-Other-Friday.  ** Alternate Link: UCI Road Race VCU site: VCU Network and Use Policy:–standards/computer-and-network-resources-use-policy/ Link Hover Spoofing Information: VCU Police: Best Security Practices:

Events Calendar gets a facelift

The VCU Events Calendar public interface was redesigned.   In addition to a new look, it is both web accessible (WCAG 2.0 Level A) and mobile friendly.    We will continue to improve the rest of the application including a redesign of

August, 2015 CIO Update

Welcome to another academic year!  This year is particularly exciting at VCU, with the largest freshman class ever and the UCI World Cycling Championships coming to Richmond and VCU in September.  The beginning of the year, while busy as always,

Security Fridays @ VCU – August 24th, 2015

Security Fridays @ VCU – August 24th, 2015 This show welcomes in the new semester with a word about protecting yourself.  Brief remarks on Def Con 23 are also given.  

Four new/updated applications

Introducing four new/updated applications: Filelocker, Course Match, VCU Mobile and Password Resets. Filelocker Filelocker is replacing Filedrop.  In addition to allowing VCU folks to send up to 2GB files to recipients, Filelocker has many new features, including Allows non-VCU

July, 2015 CIO Update

The dog days of summer are upon us here at VCU.  This is also the time of the year where I see so many new students coming through our building as part of their orientation, reminding me of who I

Security Fridays @ VCU – June 19, 2015

Alternate Link: Security Fridays @ VCU – June 19, 2015

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