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Security Fridays @ VCU – June 19, 2015

Alternate Link: Security Fridays @ VCU – June 19, 2015

June, 2015 CIO Blog

As another summer begins, another fiscal year ends.  Our administrative systems team is hard at work making sure everything runs smoothly for year-end closing; our infrastructure teams are working on the many maintenance and upgrade projects we have; and our

Web Accessibility

As stated in the May 2015 Web Users Group meeting, an accessibility task force has been formed and will meet on a regular basis this summer to provide recommendations for better standards and improvements to VCU’s web presence. This past week, VCU’s

May, 2015 CIO Update

Last month, I was fortunate enough to attend the 2015 Internet2 Global Summit in Washington, DC.  This meeting really drove home how important American research universities like VCU are to our country and to the world, and reminded me of

Impact of Mobile

The use of mobile devices to access VCU resources continues to grow at an ever increasing rate.    As you can see below, in the first 4 months of 2010, 1.1% of the myVCU sessions were from mobile (not including

April, 2015 CIO Update

As we approach the end of the semester and Spring is in full swing, I am watching the Technology Services team gear up to close this academic year and prepare for a new one.  We continue to progress on a

March, 2015 CIO update

It’s Spring in Richmond and between my sneezes, I wish I were still watching VCU basketball. Unfortunately, we have to wait until next year. With my NCAA brackets also not looking so good, I will shift my sports focus to

February, 2015 CIO Update

Hopefully, we’ve seen the worst of what winter has to offer here in Richmond.  I for one am ready for Spring and the change that comes with it. There are a lot of technology projects in full swing and many changes ahead which I

OpenText to be retired on March 15th

As promised, VCU will be turning off the OpenText WCMS effective March 15, 2015. Over two years ago, the university acquired the TerminalFour (T4) web content management system (WCMS) as a replacement for the OpenText WCMS.  Since then, Web Services has

January, 2015 CIO Update

Happy New Year!  I have entered 2015 with resolutions aplenty and the optimism of a new year, which is good because we will continue to move full steam ahead on a fair number of IT projects and initiatives (which I

December, 2014 CIO Update

Change continues to be a constant at VCU, and as we look toward the New Year, I am excited for many new things: New space:  We are in the planning stages for making some major changes in the footprint occupied

November, 2014 CIO Update

I recently had the privilege of being a speaker on Career Day at Fox Elementary School in Richmond.  I presented to my daughters’ second and third grade classes on what my job is and how technology is used at VCU. 

Intermittent Filedrop Service

On November 12th we applied a security patch to the Filedrop system and after immediate testing everything seemed to be working fine. In the days following we have heard a few users report that they have experienced intermittent service with

October, 2014 CIO Update

Earlier this month in the Technology Services Fall Divisional meeting, I discussed the primary goals and initiatives that Technology Services is focusing on for 2014-2015.  I would like to reiterate those goals and initiatives in this month’s CIO blog. Goal 1

Five fold increase in myVCU mobile viewership

Looking that at the past four Augusts, there has been  a more than 5-fold increase in mobile viewership of the myVCU portal.   With the August 2014 upgrade to a responsive design framework, last month’s 150K+ mobile myVCU viewers were treated to

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