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Updates to Listserv Subscription Scripts

Web Services is in the midst of a long process of upgrading the servers that make up the Jupiter Web System. One part of the upgrade process is eliminating old insecure scripts. These scripts are used to subscribe people to

MyForms – Upcoming Change

This is a notice that on Thursday, September 29th Web Services will be making a change to (Change Management #9001004). The change will add a unique email subject for each email sent by the application so that Gmail does

Add the new VCU Google Academic Calendar to your Google Calendar

There’s a new VCU Google Academic Calendar. The new calendar features automatic updates with the University’s Academic Calendar. The previous VCU Google Academic Calendar has been decommissioned. The new calendar can be added using the steps located here.

Kaltura Customer Office Hours

Kaltura will begin holding weekly “Office Hours” every Friday at 12pm EST. These office hours provide our customers the chance to ask and receive answers to questions in an open forum on issues ranging from product settings and best practices

Banner Production Unavailable – 6 pm 2016 Oct 21 through Noon Oct 22 – Upgrades

Banner Production Unavailable – 6 pm 2016 Oct 21 through noon Oct 22 Upgrades for HR, Financial Aid, Student and Finance will be applied and subsequent ODS work to be performed for tax year end regulatory releases. More concise timeframe

Video Server Decommission – Final Notice

On August 1st, 2016 was powered off and individuals with video content were unable to access the server without intervention from Web Services. This email serves as a final notice that on September 15th, 2016 the server will be

August, 2016 CIO Update

It’s that time of the year again! The black and gold flags are up, traffic is increasing, and the VCUCard office is filled with new students as they become part of our community here.   As I think about our entering students,

WordPress – Upcoming Maintenance

In an effort to get everything ready for the new school year, the blogging service will undergo maintenance on Thursday, August 18th from 5:30-6 a.m. This change has been approved and is detailed in the Change Request #9000517. During this

Wiki – User registration model changes

In an effort to address performance and user related issues Web Services will be altering the user registration model for (Change Management Request #9000636). Beginning August 9th, 2016, new users who require access to will need to submit a

Upcoming Kaltura Training – September 2016

Have you experienced Kaltura yet? Kaltura is VCU’s cloud-based video management system that facilitates the conversion and distribution of audio and video formats online. It combines intuitive methods for recording, publishing and interactive viewing on any device in or outside of

July, 2016 CIO Update

In the midst of another insanely hot and humid day yesterday, the Directors group and I were able to take a tour of the newly upgraded University Computer Center.  In my May blog I shared all of the technical specifications

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6 Tech Services VCU Freshmen Should Know About

By: Lauren Vickers We’re about two months away from the start of school – nervous yet? The first year at college can be overwhelming. To relieve some stress, VCU Technology Services offers all students access to more applications, resources and

June, 2016 CIO Update

Summer’s here and the time is right

May, 2016 CIO Update

It feels like summer!  With the heat of summer, we usually begin worrying about keeping our data center cool and fully operational as the demand for power strains the electrical grid in downtown Richmond.  We can now worry a lot

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We are responsible for implementing and supporting the technology used around campus, such as the network, phones, enhanced classrooms, and Internet-based systems including myVCU, Blackboard, email, and more.