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March, 2014 update

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and snowing, so I’m wondering if I’m still in Chicago.  But I know I’m not because it will be nice this weekend, and I have a team to cheer for in the NCAAs.  In this month’s

VCU TS & SGA Partner For Improved Wireless Network Connectivty

Members of SGA have been working with VCU Technology Services staff to develop a plan for improving wireless network connectivity at VCU. Check out the Commonwealth Times story for details on this partnership and the planned upgrades.

February 2014 Update

Happy February!  My first winter in Richmond has felt a little more familiar than I expected in terms of the weather, with more than a few days of Chicago-like conditions, but thankfully, this will be over soon (or so I’m

January 2014 Update

Happy 2014!  One of my New Year’s resolutions is to communicate more frequently and consistently with Technology Services team members and our colleagues in other areas. To that end, I (in conjunction with my team) will be producing a CIO

3 more sites are now managed by T4

Three more sites (VCU Libraries, IT Governance and Quest for Distinction) are now being managed by VCU’s Web Content Management System — Terminal Four (T4).   This brings the number of T4-managed sites to 17. To assist areas that want

Brandcenter becomes VCU’s 14th T4-managed website

Today, the VCU Brandcenter became the 14th VCU website to be managed by the TerminalFour web content management system.

Service Pack 1, LANDesk@VCU website upgrade starts November 17

Please note that the upgrade has been rescheduled from Saturday 11/16 to Sunday 11/17 due to the Anthem Richmond Marathon on Saturday. Service Pack 1 for LANDesk version 9.5 will be installed on the core servers on Sunday, November 17th,

Welcome to the new academic year!

Dear Colleagues, As I write this I am experiencing the start of the school year at VCU for the first time.  It has been exciting for me to watch and participate in the many back-to-school activities happening on campus and

Class schedule has been added to VCU Mobile

Yesterday 4,975 folks downloaded the newest version of VCU Mobile to their iOS device.   The newest version has two significant updates.  The first is that student’s  class schedule has been added to VCU Mobile.   This module shows the students their

Classroom Clickers Rebate

The VCU helpIT Center has learned that Turning Technologies is offering a $15 rebate on all new student classroom clicker purchases. For more information visit and click on the “Students” link. Please contact the VCU helpIT Center (828-2227, with any questions.

Student Class Schedule in myVCU

Students can now view their class schedule directly in the myVCU Portal!  The Student Schedule gadget is located below the Alerts and Announcements gadget in the standard portal. Please contact the VCU helpIT Center (828-2227, with any questions.

Get LoJack for your Computer

Get your PC LoJacked! VCU Police offers a discount on LoJack software to track your PC if it goes missing. Best price we have seen for this service. Visit to get the details.

Google Provides Updated Gmail Inbox Look

Google has begun rolling out a new Gmail inbox interface to VCU student,, faculty, and staff accounts this week. Customers are not required to implement the new look, it is a choice. Google touts this change as a way to

Now Enjoy 30GB Combined Storage In Gmail & Google Drive

Many VCU community members are seeing the storage in their appsforVCU faculty/staff and myVCUmail student email accounts combined with their Google Drive storage for a total of 30GB across both Google Apps for Education services. This increase was announced earlier

VCU Keywords have served over 6 million customers

VCU Keywords, known as, has now served more than 6 million customer requests.  Begun in 2007 as way to provide a URL that is both permanent and easy to remember, VCU keywords are now providing access to nearly

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