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Support For Blackboard »

We have received a few questions as the fall semester kicks into high gear about using Blackboard. The VCU helpIT Center is always available to provide support for Blackboard but there is also a considerable amount of information posted to the knowIT Knowledge Base by the Blackboard Team. You can view this information by following the links below:

Remember, you can always contact the VCU helpIT Center for additional assistance at:

Good luck with the new semester!

From The Mailbag: Mobile Security »

A student recently inquired about any security software offerings for mobile devices. VCU Technology Services does not currently offer a mobile virus protection product similar to the Sophos application. Most applications that are web-based use some type of encryption for logging in which secures the log in process at the very least. As with a desktop o . . .

Network Connectivity »

VCU Technology Services received the following comment from a VCU student about network performance: The internet connection is sub par on a normal basis. The school should invest in faster internet since many classes have online homework and supplementary assignments. VCUTS has been working on network reliability as referenced on our Spring 2009 Studen . . .

Sophos Antivirus Support For MS Windows 7 »

A student wrote to ask when VCU will provide Sophos Antivirus support for Microsoft Windows 7?The current version of Sophos Antivirus that VCU Technology Services provides does work with MS Windows 7 even though it is not officially supported as such by Sophos at this time.  The company released an officially support version of Sophos Antivirus for . . .

Network Performance Issue »

VCU Technology Services (VCUTS) has received feedback concerning network performance via the VCUTS Help Desk, email, and other communication channels.  Keith Deane, Associate Director for Network Services provides the following update:VCUTS Network Services is aware that the VCU data network is currently experiencing intermittent performance issues . . .

The System Status Link »

Please keep the link to check system status - and make it easy to find. Since email goes down frequently, it is nice to be able to see if there is just no activity on my account or the problem lies with the system. Same with Web access, since I spend much of my day searching Web-based databases. Thank you for the suggestion. We have had several requests . . .

What Is A Wireless Hotspot? »

Is a wireless hotspot one where your laptop will automatically be able to access the internet without the use of a cord?-VCU StudentYes, a wireless, or Wi-Fi, hotspot uses your computer's wireless network adaptor card to connect to the wireless network. There are many standards (a/b/g/n) in use these days.  For more information on wireless standard . . .

Welcome To Our Mailbag »

Greetings to the VCU Community!  As many might know by now, we have a new website for VCU Technology Services (VCUTS). If you have not checked it out you should do so after visiting the Mailbag. There is lots of good information at your fingertips in the VCUTS Knowledge Base. One element of the new site is the "Feedback" tab at the top of every pag . . .


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