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Who should protect your privacy? You!

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Microsoft is accusing Google today of bypassing Apple’s privacy settings in Safari.  That seems like one convoluted story but we think the real story is a bit different.  Should you trust a corporation to protect your privacy? What with the Path iOS address book brouhaha and the story mentioned above you would think that corporations are out to get your data. That probably is not true in all cases and at any rate, privacy really should be your responsibility. How do you do this though? The VCU Information Security Office (ISO) has tips for protecting the data on your devices, your personal identity, and avoiding the schemes and scams we are all exposed to everyday to get at our data and identity information. Scoot on over to the ISO Resources page to learn how to better protect your devices and data.

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Published on Friday, February 17, 2012, at 10:56 am by Samuel Kennedy in the Technology Services blog.
Categories: Security
Tagged with: how-to, privacy, security

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