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New Google Backup & Sync – NOT Recommended for VCU Users

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A new version of Google Drive called “Backup and Sync” will be released in mid-July. Although we have never recommended the use of the Google Drive sync client, we are aware that users may have this configured.  Collaboration Services wants to make you aware of this new version, even though we recommend that you not plan to upgrade to Backup and Sync. Backup and Sync is not designed for enterprise users (such as education, government, non-profits) like VCU. It is primarily intended for consumer users with accounts. Google recommends that enterprise users not use Backup and Sync. Collaboration Services recommends VCU users continue to use the current Google Drive sync client for their VCU account if already configured. Google Drive will not automatically upgrade to Backup and Sync and neither should you manually download and install Backup and Sync.

There will be an upgrade for Google Drive coming out later this year called “Drive File Stream” that is designed for enterprise users. At that time, Collaboration Services will review the new solution and let you know when it is recommended for use. Google Drive File Stream will allow for direct access to cloud-storage files, instead of syncing. You can read further details here:

G Suite Updates Blog: Backup and Sync from Google available soon

G Suite: Drive File Stream

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Published on Monday, July 10, 2017, at 2:46 pm by syerkes in the Technology Services blog.
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