The VCU Application Process

By Christal Holmes, admissions counselor for marketing and recruitment
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We’re glad that you’re interested in VCU and hope that you’re planning to apply soon.  The VCU Office of Undergraduate Admissions strongly encourages all students to apply using our online application.  Students who apply electronically will be able to check their application status online to be sure we have received all required materials (admissions decisions are not provided online).   


The application to VCU is fairly straight-forward.  The first few pages of the application ask general personal questions about you, the student, such as: what high school or college you attend; the types of classes that you’re currently taking; extracurricular activities, job experiences, and volunteer opportunities; and your intended area of study. 


There is a section for a personal statement that simply asks why you are interested in attending VCU.  We encourage students to use this space not only to tell us about their educational goals and future aspirations, but to share with us any additional information that they may not have been able to share in the rest of the application. 


For prospective freshmen and transfers, there’s also a section for essays.  It’s not required that you submit the essay unless you wish to be considered for the merit-based scholarships issued through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions or if you are applying for admission into the Film (Cinema) program in the School of the Arts. 


Required Application Materials


Freshman applicants:  In addition to the application, you’ll also need to provide us with an official high school transcript and SAT or ACT scores.  If you are dual enrolled in another college, please submit an official copy of your college transcripts for review.


Transfer applicants:  In addition to the application, you’ll need to provide us with an official college transcript.  If you have less than 30 college credits, we’ll also need an official high school transcript.  Transfer students with fewer than 30 credits, and who are also under the age of 22, should submit SAT or ACT scores for consideration.  Priority application review will be given to applicants who have completed at least 30 credits at their former institution. 


Application Deadlines


The application deadline for freshmen for the fall is January 15.  If you wish to be considered for the merit-based scholarships, your application should be in by December 1.  Students applying by January 15 will be notified of a decision via U. S. mail by April 1.


Freshmen and transfer students applying for admission for the spring 2010 semester have a deadline date of November 1.  These applicants will be notified of a decision via U. S. mail.


School of the Arts Applicants


For all applicants to the School of the Arts, please keep in mind that in addition to the application, official transcripts, and test scores (if applicable), you will also need to submit supplemental materials in order to complete your application.  For more information about program requirements and deadlines, contact the School of the Arts toll free at (866) 534-3201 or locally at (804) 828-2787, or online


Tips on Making the Process Smoother 

  • Be sure to use the same name, address, and date of birth on your application and all supplemental materials that you submit to our office.  It can be challenging for us to match applications with transcripts or test scores that have a nickname instead of your legal name.
  • Please determine the e-mail address that you will use for VCU correspondence and be sure that this e-mail address stays active for at least one year from the date that you apply to the university as we will communication with you via e-mail throughout the application process.
  • While VCU does not require your Social Security number for admission consideration, it is necessary for applicants who wish to be considered for financial aid and Hope Scholarship/Lifetime Learning Credit to provide a Social Security number to the university.  To protect your privacy, your Social Security number will not be used as your VCU student identification number. 

Questions About Applying


Although the application process can sometimes feel overwhelming, we hope that you contact us should you have questions about the process.  Once again, we’re always here to help you through applying to VCU!  You can reach the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (804) 828-1222 or toll-free at (800) 841-3638 and ask to speak with one of our admissions counselors.  You may also e-mail your questions to us at  Our counseling staff is also available to meet with prospective students in person to answer your questions Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. and on Saturday’s from 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. in the Welcome Center (except for holidays and holiday weekends).  No appointments are necessary to meet with a counselor.


We hope you’ll consider taking the next step toward becoming a VCU Ram!