Deadline Day in Undergraduate Admissions

By Katherine Beck, admissions counselor
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All of the counselors in VCU’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions say it seems that it was just yesterday when we were out at college fairs and visiting high schools talking with students like you about all the exciting opportunities we have here at VCU. Then we talked about a far-off deadline for applying to VCU for fall 2010. It’s amazing how time flies, because now, that deadline is here!
As you can imagine, things have certainly been busy around here! The phones are ringing and our e-mail inbox stays filled with messages from students wanting to make sure that we’ve received their applications and they’ve met the recommended January 15 deadline.
All of us remember applying to college and we understand the anxiety that goes along with that process — from making sure that all your required application materials got where they needed to go, to “when will I hear?”
We completely understand that you want to be certain you’ve done your part, and that you want to check on your application. That’s why we think it’s important for all of you to know how you can find out the status of your application and materials.
Students who applied electronically are able to check their status online in three easy steps:
1. Go to the following Web site:
2. Choose the “Apply for Admission” link and log in using the same Login ID and PIN you created to apply.
3. Check the status of your application materials (we do not provide admissions decisions online).
It’s important for all of you to recognize that our office receives thousands and thousands of pieces of mail. Think about it this way — last year over 21,000 students applied to VCU for fall 2009, and most of them submitted additional required documents and materials, just like you are this year. That’s a whole lot of mail for our office to process, and while we move as quickly as we can, we want to be sure we’re as accurate as possible and it sometimes can take up to several weeks to match all of a student’s information to his or her application. So, if you check your application status and see that we haven’t received everything yet, don’t panic!
Keep this in mind: As long as everything is postmarked by the recommended Jan.15 deadline, you are still guaranteed an admissions decision in writing via the U.S. postal mail by April 1.
If you applied using a paper application, you can still check your status. Just call our office at (804) 828-1222 or toll-free at (800) 841-3638 and ask to speak with an admissions counselor who will be happy to check your information for you. You can also e-mail us with your full name and date of birth to have your application status checked.
We hope this information is helpful and relieves some stress for all of you! As always, if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact our office.
And, don’t forget to breathe!