Club Cabell

by Toulaphone Chittavoravong, Social Media Intern
While you wouldn’t necessarily consider the library a cool and ideal hangout spot, spending days and nights during the week at the James Branch Cabell Library is pretty common for most VCU students. I usually go to this four-story building in between or after classes when I need to get homework done. I will also meet up with group members at the library since you can reserve private study rooms on the first, second and third floors.
Upon entering the library, you have the choice to decide what kind of study environment you want to be in based on each floor:

  • First floor: Starbucks! Collaborative study space and lots of computers for you to use as well as a reference desk.
  • Second floor: Newly renovated, with lots of study booths, computer stations and private study rooms. More group collaboration is encouraged.
  • Third Floor: Quiet study, whispering only!
  • Fourth Floor: Silent study, no conversations!

The library will be your best friend during midterms and finals week, so don’t hesitate to utilize your resources, pick some study buddies and make your way to Club Cabell (a nickname we VCU-ers like to use!)
Read more about James Branch Cabell Library:

Movies at the Student Commons

by Toulaphone Chittavoravong
Is the cold weather making you crave a movie night with your friends? VCU students don’t have to worry about spending their money at the theatres since VCU’s Activities Programming Board (APB) plays movies every weekend at the Commons Theatre for free! Two movies are played every Friday and Saturday night at 7 and 9 p.m. These flicks are new and are usually shown right before the movie releases on DVD. While you watch they give you free popcorn, which is a great plus!
APB is one of the major programming entities on the campus of VCU. The free movie theatre experience is only one of the varieties of activities it provides. APB is also responsible for hosting different speakers and lecturers, exhibits, cultural excursions, comedy shows and VCU’s spring fling. This student run organization’s main goal is to host a variety of fun and educational events for VCU students.
You can read more about the APB and other student organizations at the following website: Activities Programming Board. You can also follow them on facebook: Activities Programming Board on Facebook.