UC Part Three – The Writing Center

by Katherine Beck, admissions counselor
No matter what you decide to study as a VCU student, chances are you’ll end up writing a paper or two. That’s where the UC’s Writing Center comes in. Their trained writing experts can help any student in any discipline with their writing assignments, whether it’s coming up with ideas, advice on structure or one last set of eyes to look over a paper before handing it in to the professor.
The Writing Center also holds special sessions for students on topics like perfecting citation to creating an expressive personal statement. Learn even more on their Facebook page.

The UC – Part Two

by Ryan Hannifin, admissions counselor
Students become very familiar with the University College for more than just Academic Advising (which was covered in our last blog). Any student taking a course who feels that they need additional help can utilize the tutoring that is offered within the UC’s Campus Learning Center.
Two types of tutoring are offered in the Campus Learning Center. There is drop-in tutoring where students are seen on a first-come, first served basis and students can utilize this service as many times per week as needed. There is also appointment tutoring where students schedule meetings to see a specific tutor for an individual hour long session.
The Campus Learning Center also offers Supplemental Instruction (SI), which is a peer-assisted study session for a particular course. The SI leaders are students who have previously taken a certain course, but who continue to attend the class and take notes in order to lead SI meetings. Anyone currently enrolled in the course can attend the SI sessions and receive additional help with the subject material, as well as study tips from their SI leader. There are usually two or three SI sessions each week in addition to the class itself.
Our blog tomorrow will cover VCU’s Writing Center – be sure to check back!

The UC – Part One

by Katherine Beck, admissions counselor
This week’s blogs will focus on the University College (UC) here at VCU, which is the home to many university-wide services and programs intended to enhance our student’s undergraduate experience. The UC provides many resources, but our blogs this week will focus on academic advising, tutoring and learning support services, and the UC’s Writing Center.
Most first-year students at VCU will begin their academic career with one of the advisors from the University College. As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, students first meet their academic advisor during New Student Orientation over the summer before their first semester of fall classes. The advisors in the UC, however, can help you do much more than schedule your classes. They can provide information and feedback on selecting a major, help you navigate university policies, as well as help with your transition from high school or previous institution into VCU.
While the UC advises the majority of our first year students, they also house specialty advising programs for those students who are “Undeclared” as well as any student on a pre-health advising track. Students who are not quite sure on a major will be placed in the UC’s Discovery program, which offers specialized advising to help students explore options and indentify educational and career goals. Pre-health advising ensures that students interested in a health care profession – like medical or dental school, for example – take the correct prerequisite classes in order to gain entry to one of those programs at a later date. The pre-health advisors are also trained to help recommend the right course of action at the appropriate time in order to make a student a competitive applicant for a professional program, whether that’s research experience, certain internships or volunteering.
Check back later this week for a blog about the UC’s learning support services.

VCU wins ESPY Award

by Katherine Beck, admissions counselor
Coach Smart and the boys from VCU’s men’s basketball team are returning to Richmond with yet another thing to brag about – an ESPY Award. Last night, at the ESPY Awards in LA, the VCU men’s basketball team won the award for “Best Upset” for defeating a top ranked Kansas team in their impressive run in the March Madness basketball tournament. VCU was selected as one of the four “at-large” teams before the tournament and shocked the world by making it to the Final Four tournament in Houston, TX.
In his acceptance speech, Coach Smart thanked all of the fans here in Richmond and the entire VCU family. He ended by saying that the team “proved one important thing in sports: It really doesn’t matter what anybody else says.”
If you missed the magic from last night, you can watch it here: http://www.vcuathletics.com/sports/mbkb/2011-12/releases/20110713b6l8y8

Follow the Rams to the ESPYs

by Katherine Beck, admissions counselor
As we blogged yesterday, VCU’s men’s basketball team was nominated for the “Best Upset” ESPY Award. Consequently, Coach Smart and some of the team are headed out to Los Angeles for the award show airing tomorrow, Wednesday, July 13, 2011 at 9:00 PM. VCUAthletics decided to blog about their trip along the way, which you can check out at the following website:
The ESPYs Blog

Vote for VCU in the ESPY Awards

by Katherine Beck, admissions counselor
VCU’s men’s basketball team has been nominated for the “Best Upset” Espy Award after their unexpected success in this year’s March Madness tournament. Coach Shaka Smart, Ed Nixon, Joey Rodriguez, Jamie Skeen and Brandon Rozzell will attend the ESPN Espy Awards this Wednesday, July 13. Voting is fan-based so make sure to continue supporting the Rams by voting for them at the following website: