Notes from the Road – Ryan

by Ryan Hannifin, admissions counselor
We (the admissions counselors) are on the road! Last week, I was in Southwest Virginia and attended various college fairs throughout the region. My week was extremely busy; I started in Grundy, Virginia and ended in Radford, Virginia. I was happy to have had the pleasure of speaking with many prospective students.
Many students were shocked that the application for Fall 2012 is now available. You can access the application on the Undergraduate Admissions website:
Remember, December 1st is the deadline for students who wish to be considered for a merit-based scholarship. Those students need to submit the application with the essay, as well as all other required application materials (high school transcripts, test scores) by December 1st to be considered for these scholarships. January 15th is the recommended deadline for students who are applying for regular admission to VCU. Students who apply on or before January 15th are guaranteed a decision from us by April 1, though some may hear sooner.
Those students applying for any of the Guaranteed Admissions programs have an earlier deadline of November 15. Information about those programs can be found at the Honors College website.
I had a great time in Southwest Virginia! Wondering when someone will be in your area? Just check the Undergraduate Admissions travel database to find out!

Back on the Road

by Christal Holmes, Welcome Center Manager
Fall is here again and our counselors are looking forward to hitting the road and meeting you in your high school or at your local college fairs. Your guidance or career counselor should be able to tell you when we will be at your school. We also post our travel schedules here: VCU on the Road.
To get more information about the representative for your area, view our counselor profiles. If you ask any of us to list things that we love about our job, somewhere on that list you will always hear us say that we love meeting you, the students. We hope that you come out to meet with us when we are in your area. When you see us, please feel free to ask any questions that you may have about VCU, the application process and living in Richmond. We are all here to help you through this process and answer any questions that you or your family may have. We look forward to meeting you in the upcoming weeks!

Off to a Great Start

by Katherine Beck, admissions counselor
For many of you out there, it’s the conclusion of your first week back to school. We hope you are off to a great start and are excited for another successful school year!
To those of you that are juniors – this year is important. Of course all of the work you do in high school is important, but junior year grades are often the last indication of your academic history for review in the college admissions process.
But wait just a second, seniors! This year is super important (and not to mention super busy!) for you, too. Often time mid-year grades are a factor in the review process. Also, even if you are admitted to a college or university, it’s important to remember that your admission is contingent upon your final grades and graduation. Bottom line – keep striving to do well throughout your senior year!
It’s also a good time to start thinking about campus visits. We will be back with more blogs about campus tours and Open House in the near future. For information now, check out: Visit VCU. Also, if you haven’t already, make sure you are on our Mailing List.
Our fall 2012 application will be available sometime this month. You can bet that as soon as it is, we will be posting information on our blog about that, too!