Scholarship Consideration Deadline

by Katherine Beck, admissions counselor
We hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving! We wanted to share a quick, friendly reminder that the deadline for scholarship consideration is this Thursday, December 1. For those of you without a calendar in front you, that’s tomorrow!
Students who complete the application, including the essay, and submit all of the required documentation for admission by December 1 will be automatically considered for the scholarship money we award through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
There are three different levels of scholarships that we award:
1. Presidential: in-state tuition, fees, room and board
2. Provost: in-state tuition and fees
3. Deans’: one-half in-state tuition and fees
Selection of scholars is made on the basis of merit in the area of academic achievement. Leadership, community service and artistic talent (when applicable) also may be considered.
Also, please remember that only students applying for the fall semester are eligible for these scholarships. The majority of scholarships are awarded each fall to first-time freshman applicants.
Again, the scholarship consideration deadline for fall 2011 is this Thursday, December 1. For more information on the University Undergraduate Scholarship Program please visit the following website:

Guaranteed Admission Deadline

by Katherine Beck, admissions counselor
We just wanted to post a quick reminder to those of you applying for the Guaranteed Admission program through VCU’s Honor’s College. This program is intended for highly qualified students who wish to gain entry to one of the professional health science programs or graduate programs offered at VCU. Popular programs for Guaranteed Admission include Medicine, Dentistry Pharmacy, Physical Therapy and Nursing. The Guaranteed Admission program has a firm deadline date of November 15.
If you are working on your application or planning to apply, please keep a few things in mind:

  1. Students must be academically eligible for the Honors College to be eligible for the Guaranteed Admissions program. Check eligibility requirements here:
  2. Two applications are required for admission to the Guaranteed Admission program: one for VCU Undergraduate Admissions and one for the Honors College Guaranteed Admission program.
  3. The Guaranteed Admission application is also your application for The Honors College. Do not complete both an Honors College application and a Guaranteed Admission application.

More information, including specific application instructions and information about the selection process, can be found on The Honors College website. You are encouraged to contact The Honors College directly should you have any questions or concerns about applying for Guaranteed Admission.
The Honors College
Phone: (804) 828-1803