What’s next for accepted students: part I

by Ian Wheeler, Graduate Communications Assistant

As your senior year of high school is coming to a close and your freshman year of college is rapidly approaching, please take time to congratulate yourself on a job well done. I hope that you’re looking forward to making wonderful new memories here at VCU!

In your acceptance package, you should have received a Handbook for Accepted Students. I strongly encourage you to read this entire book from cover to cover! It will detail everything you will need to know moving forward. Here are some key things to note:

  • On page ii, you will find the Response Form which reserves your space for the Fall 2014 semester. Students paying their tuition deposit online do not need to submit this form. If you have received a university scholarship, you may submit the Response Form and your scholarship award letter in lieu of payment. Response Forms can be mailed to the Office of Admissions at PO Box 842526, Richmond, VA 23284. Please note, your tuition deposit must be paid online; we do not accept cash, checks or money orders.
  • On page iii, you will find the form that requests your final high school transcripts. You should fill it out and give the top half of the form to your high school guidance counselor. If you have taken college classes and wish to have your credits considered for transfer, you must take the bottom half and give it your college or university registrar’s office. It is not required that we receive this form back from you; it simply provides our correct mailing address to your counselors.
  • Pages iv, v, and vi are the Certificate of Immunization and other important health forms. You should take these forms to your primary care doctor and have them filled out there. Return them to University Student Health Services by mail at PO Box 842022, Richmond, VA 23284.
  • On your Certificate of Admission, found in your acceptance package, you’ll find not only your VCU student ID number (V-number), but the academic program into which you were admitted. If you wish to change your major before attending NSO, you can e-mail your request to us at ugrad@vcu.edu. Please note that some programs, such as those within the Schools of the Arts and Engineering, may require an additional review process in order to be admitted into their programs. Should you decide to change your major after attending NSO, you will need to fill out a Change of Major/Minor request form through Records and Registration. For more information about changing your major/minor, refer to page 3 of the Handbook.
  • Page 4 will tell you how to activate your VCU eID and your email account; use the eID finder to access your login information. You will need to enter only two of the three pieces of information requested: your V-number and date of birth. Once you have your eID, you’ll be asked to reset your password. Your eID is used for accessing almost all database systems at the university, including your VCU e-mail account. You will need your eID in order to accept our offer of admission online.
  • Once you’ve set up your VCU e-mail account, be sure to check it regularly, especially if you are expecting to receive financial aid. E-mail is the official method for communication at VCU because it delivers information in a convenient, timely, cost effective, and environmentally aware manner. The Office of Financial Aid uses e-mail to provide financial aid information, to request documentation to support financial aid application data, and to provide financial aid application status and award information.

Next week, we’ll go over the processes for signing up for on-campus housing and New Student Orientation. When in doubt about anything, do not hesitate to email us at ugrad@vcu.edu or give us a call at (804) 828-1222!

Best wishes for the future!