Now the Ball is in Your Court

You’ve completed the Common Application and applied to your favorite schools, toured campuses and now you’re an accepted student. So what’s next? How do you make the all important decision of what college you will be attending in the fall?

Decide on Your Top Priorities

It’s important to figure out what factors in a university are most important to you. Are you looking for a top of the notch gym or active Greek community? Does each college have certain academic programs important to your the major your may want to pursue? Are there certain clubs on campus that you would be interested in? Do the dining options meet your culinary standards? What are your housing options at each potential college? Revisiting these questions can help you rule out any deal breakers and highlight the pros and cons of different colleges and universities. Overall this process could make your decision more clear.

Weigh the Different Degree Programs and their Prestige 

Just as not all colleges are made equal, not all degrees are earned equally. A degree at one college in a certain field may be worth more than another, and this could make a huge difference once you apply for jobs in the future. You can compare different degrees programs and how they measure up through College Board. Make sure to also consider what programs the university may have in place to help students get jobs and internships in the future. Do they offer an on-campus service with advisors to help you figure out your career path? Do they have a connected alumni network? Both of these can help immensely to ensure that you get headed in the direction that you want to go.

Location, Location, Location

There are many things that you should consider when thinking about the location of your college. Do you want to stay in your home state, or are you willing to go out of state? Are you open to a campus in a rural area, or are you more interested in an urban campus? You should also think about how far away the campus would be from your hometown and how that could affect your decision. Make sure that the environment that you choose also suits you, and your lifestyle. For example, if you thrive in nature you might benefit from a campus with many surrounding parks and trails.

Here at VCU, we are committed to cultivating a diverse welcoming environment and are confident that you can find your home here as a VCU Ram. If you haven’t already done so, take a minute to explore our Accepted Students website. Still have questions about your offer of admission? Call our office to speak with an admissions counselor: (800) 841-3638. You can also e-mail us at I hope to see you around campus this fall!